5 Minutes to Understand Multi Material Injection Molding : Machines & Examples


What is Multi Material Injection Molding ?


Multi Material Injection Molding is the process to improve the production efficiency of two or multi material combination parts. The Multi Material Injection process and mold making are more complicated than those of the single-material and single-color injection technique. .



The 5 Most Common Machines for Multi Material Injection Molding

Multi Material Injection Molding Machine is the equipment for molding products where two or more materials, or colors are injected into a mold, for one shot molding cycle. At FCS, we understand the unique benefits offered by different types of Multi Material Injection Molding Machines. To help you understand your options and which kind might be the best fit for your projects, our experienced team integrates a professional and referable list of “5 Most Common Multi Material Injection Molding Machines.


1. All-Electronic Multi-Component Injection Molding

CT-R Series

All-electric two-component injection molding machine, since electric elements are used to drive the injection machine, it is therefore called” all- electric”. There are savings in energy and electric power consumption is lower. Its accuracy position, and reduction in pollution and abrasion consumption, which is suitable for medical products, electronic products and cosmetic container.


Multi Material Injection Molding _ All-Electric Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (CT-R series) Multi Material Injection Molding _ Cosmetic Container

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2. Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding

FB-R Series

Rotary table two-component injection molding machine, with precise and safety rotary table controlled by servo motor. They could shorten rotary time and with more stable rotary speed switch. With the product insertion function, three-component and four-component products, including two or tri-color rear tail light. It is suitable for auto parts like automotive lamp housing, and livelihood supplies such as airtight container and collapsible strainer.

Multi Material Injection Molding _Collapsible Strainer Multi Material Injection Molding -Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-R Series) 

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3. Rotary Shaft Two-Component Injection Molding

FB-T Series

The rotary shaft two-component injection molding equipment, which is suitable for two-component products covering the penetration, including tool handles, buttons, handles and other products. It achieves the same advanced level of overseas such as European or Japanese products, and in TOP 10 toothbrush brand, FCS has monopolized six of them.

Colgate Sanxiao company is our typical case, which produce two-color toothbrush handle. Apart from this, FB-T series also applied to houseware and auto parts.

Multi Material Injection Molding _ Rotary Shaft Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-T Series) FCS_FB-T Series_ toothbrush handle

>>FB-T Series Won The Ningbo Hefeng Industrial Design Award



4. Sandwich / Interval Injection Molding

FB-C Series

Sandwich / Interval Injection Molding equipment, due to the typical multi-component injection molding machine has two isolated barrel sets, it always produces two-component products. As for interval injection molding, this double barrel can use the same special design nozzle to concurrently inject two types of molten plastic into the mold to achieve double material simultaneous.

With pressure, speed and time setting, it might produce the special flowered and multilevel colors, thus to create high values-added products while creating additional profit. For example, interval bicycle pedal and interval cold kettle.

Multi Material Injection Molding _ Interval Bicycle Pedal Multi Material Injection Molding_Interval Cold Kettle


And sandwich injection molding uses a special design to make the materials form the core and skin materials. We can only see skin materials from the surface except slitting the product, therefore, recycled and low-quality materials can be used as core materials to reduce production costs. High-quality materials with anti-magnetic interference properties and high surface quality can be used as skin materials to increase product utility. It is suitable for two-component sandwich molding and widely use in houseware.

Multi Material Injection Molding _ Sandwich / Interval Injection Molding Machine (FB-C Series) Multi Material Injection Molding _Comb




5. Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding

HB-R Series

Large horizontal rotary table two-component injection molding machine, its horizontal rotary platen decreases issues coming from gravity and inertia, and high loading capacity and self-supporting swivel unit is suitable for large two-component application like automotive exterior components, such as plastic sunroof, car lamp, quarter.

Multi Material Injection Molding _Auto parts Multi Material Injection Molding _Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (HB-R Series)


Multi Material Injection Molding Application


In recent years, with the development of industrial technology, multi-material injection molding techniques are widely adopted, including products from large scale to precision, from consumer goods to construction. Multi Injection Molding is the solution and technology used in nearly every industry. The common market areas apply Multi Material or Multi Color Injection Molding are as follows :

  • Automotive parts

  • Household products

  • Electronics

  • Home appliance

  • Construction parts

  • Packaging

  • Medical equipment



Multi Material Injection Molding Machines from FCS

Companies in different industries rely on multi material, multi color or multi shot injection molding to reliably create the intricate parts they need for a wide range of applications. When considering multi material injection molding machine manufacturers, hidden costs of after service are simply possibly getting higher. With FCS’s globally competitive manufacturing models, you will get the best service and generate more savings over the entire life-cycle. If you want to know more about FCS multi material injection molding machines, please check the link below Multi Material Injection Molding


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