High Precision Injection Mold


FCS offers molds for the clients in addition to machinery manufacturing, and has been investigating in injection molding technology; (means/ tools to be used for analysis are CAD, CAM, CAE, FMS, FMC, etc.) for many years.


FCS established its product technical support team (Field Application Engineering Center ,FAE) which specializes in design & development for diversified precise molds. By way of analysis, processing, inspecting and measuring, FCS conducts integration and sales on various fields of injection molding and the most suitable products were worked out and have been adopted in the industry. FCS has become the most dependable provider of injection molding solution.

>>FCS FAE Team Integrate Resources Efficiently


Diversified Molds Design / Manufacture / Automation / Customization

l   PET Preforms



l   Disposable Medical Products



l   Housewares


l   Thin wall Containers

l   Automotive Parts



l   PVC Fittings


Industrial Cooperation Advantage

In addition to providing one-stop shopping of equipment, FCS also have customized service offering technical transfer service and after-sales counseling to meet customer’s requirements (including injection molding machine, mold, peripheral equipment, molding conditions, and even raw material formulation).


The Cooperation Processes


1. Clients/Investors provide products expected to be produced, the product future development plan (estimated), and the capital budget.

2. FCS executes the blueprint plan, which contains production equipment list, technical guidance program, and production cost trial calculation.

3. Finally, both parties will confirm that if the contract is feasible. Otherwise, it will be adjusted again util the clients confirm.



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  • Design & Development of Diversified Precise Molds
  • Mold flow analysis & optimized solution for mold design
  • Specialized molding system: Sale & Integration (PET/IML/Medical series)
  • Turnkey Solution Planning & Technology Transferring (operators’ training included)
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