iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory


Why Import Smart Manufacturing?
In the era when market trends are changing rapidly, and AI, 5G, big data and other digital transformations seem to be inevitable. Businesses are attempting to introduce AI, or build screens to monitor factories, thinking that this is smart manufacturing. However, even with enormous investments on new technology, without knowing the actual needs, businesses might be trapped in the dilemma of not knowing how to utilize the technology at hand. 

Before embarking on digital transformation, you have to think about the following questions: What type of smart solutions can be introduced to meet the needs of the factory? How can new technologies be used to maximize benefits? 
Traditional factories are faced with increased production costs resulted from an incalculable amount of production waste. Therefore, rather than increasing production, or taking more orders, there is a more direct way to improve profits is to solve unnecessary cost waste.

Three Reasons for Choosing FCS
1.Having been engaged in the plastic injection molding industry for 50 years, FCS is a specialist in molding equipment, and we understand your difficulties. 
2.FCS provides professional consulting services, so that digital transformation is not blindly following trends, but obtaining visible increase in benefits. 
3.Different from the "theoretical" smart factory solutions in the market, FCS's iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System is based on practical experience to accurately target hidden costs in the factory. 

iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System
Smart manufacturing solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry
"iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System" is mounted on the injection molding machine, and connects with the auxiliary information to achieve autonomous adjustment and control of quality parameters. The system can use intelligent sensing modules to improve product yield and reduce production waste, and achieve advance warning and avoid unexpected shutdown losses through project monitoring and feedback suggestions, helping customers seizing "smart" manufacturing opportunities. 

Import digital transformation to achieve smart factories
"iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System" is a smart solution designed for industries interested in embracing digital transformation to help them achieve smart factories in three steps:
1.Step 1: Further learn the production general situation by quantifying the production information in the factory.
2.Step 2: Use visual production information charts to target unnecessary production waste.
3.Step 3: Use charts as the basis for decision making to eliminate waste and improve production efficiency. 

Import iMF 4.0 Without Pain Points to Realize Fast and Smooth Production Management

FCS assists customers in importing iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System, and completing production equipment networking (applicable for injection molding machines of different brands), to replace labor statistics with intelligent computing, and immediately generate working status and reports. With this system, personnel can grasp the production progress on the panel to effectively carry out work order scheduling, so that the machine working efficiency is improved. Additionally, abnormalities can be identified and eliminated in real time. Because the production process is completely recorded as the basis for review and improvement, smart injection molding can be completed step by step to eliminate waste and reduce costs.

Case 1
Water Purification Technology Industry

Import iMF 4.0 Intelligent Production Management System, and complete networking of 17 machines (including 15 injection molding machines, 2 filling machines)
Customer Dilemma Solution
It is difficult to identify problems in time through personnel inspection to confirm the machine status.
Production execution panel displays the production general situation of the machine in real time. Management is realized through the panel.
Manual calculation of operation rate and output is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and easy to make statistical errors.
Cloud database data is computed directly through production analysis report and is generated as real-time report.
The abnormal history of the machine is not recorded, which makes it difficult to trace and review the problem.
The causes of shutdowns and abnormalities can be counted through the production analysis report, and provided to the managers for traceability and review.

iMF 4.0 import effects
Item Before Import After Import
Data recording time 360min (Manual) 10min (Cloud computing)
Operation rate of machine 79% 83%
Scheduling efficiency 60min 20min
Equipment troubleshooting time 9hr 4.5hr

Case 2
Plastic Injection Industry
Import iMF 4.0 Intelligent Production Management System, and complete the networking of 10 machines (injection molding machines of different brands)
Customer Dilemma Solution
It is impossible to obtain real-time information effectively by checking the operation rate of equipment capacity by personnel inspection.
Production execution panel displays the general situation of each production line, and personnel can directly confirm the real-time operation rate by the panel.
Manual record of defective products may easily lead to data errors, or difficulty in information query.
Relevant persons fill in the cause and number of defective products with app, which is conducive to follow-up operations and review and improvement.
There is a lot of production data, and it is impossible to effectively grasp the information such as the number of good products and production progress.
Work orders can be queried with production execution panel and production execution system to grasp the order progress in real time.

iMF 4.0 import effects
Item Before Import After Import
Data recording time 360min (Manual) 10min (Cloud computing)
Operation rate of machine 77% 83%
Scheduling efficiency 60min 20min
Equipment troubleshooting time 9hr 4.5hr

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  • Smart Machine:Applying additional sensors to monitor and meet the slight fluctuations caused by the environment, material, or machine abrasion, and to improve the adaptive control of injection molding machines.
    ◎Tie bar clamping force monitoring system
    ◎Intelligent flow balance system
    ◎Adaptive control for viscosity variation of melt
    ◎Mold cooling flow and temperature monitoring system
  • Smart Auxiliary:The IMM and auxiliaries could operate, communicate with each other through the standard communication protocol, to be adjusted and controlled.
    ◎Robot System
    ◎Material Feeding
    ◎Hot Runner
  • Smart Manufacturing:Pemantauan kualitas online real-time melalui sensor variasi viskositas lelehan, atau tekanan rongga, dan mendeteksi cacat dengan otomatisasi, untuk secara efektif mengurangi tenaga inspeksi.
    ◎ Bedakan baik atau buruk
    ◎Meningkatkan tingkat produksi (Efisiensi)
    ◎Meningkatkan Efektivitas (Tingkat Hasil)
  • Smart Management:Using intelligent managing system to collect the key data of viscosity variation of melt.
    ◎Find the bottleneck of a better production
    ◎Detect the deviation factors of molding quality
    ◎Plan the preventive maintenance and reduce unexpected downtime.
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