The Market Size of Injection Molding Machines is Growing Steadily under the Normal State of Automotive Lightweighting!

The new energy market is booming and the sales of injection molding machines have recorded a new high
In the face of many unfavorable factors, such as the capricious COVID-19 and the high raw material prices in 2021, the plastic machinery industry still managed to achieve excellent results with the concerted efforts of many entrepreneurs. The global sales of injection molding machines were at record levels in 2021, which marked the best year in history and represented the rise of China's manufacturing industry, also largely as a result of the rapid growth of the market for new energy vehicles.

In 2021, China’s auto industry produced and sold a total of 26.082 million units and 26.275 million units of automobiles, respectively, ranking first in the world for the 13th consecutive year. Among them, passenger cars, especially new energy passenger cars, were an important impetus for the overall growth of China’s automobile production and sales in 2021. As early as 2015, China's Made in China 2025 pointed out that lightweight technology is the key breakthrough direction for automobiles. Nowadays, with the boom of new energy vehicles, the demand for automotive plastic parts is also increasing significantly.

The era of plastic automobiles opens up, bringing new opportunities to injection molding machines
With the goals of carbon neutrality and carbon emission peaking being written into the Government Work Report and the 14th Five-Year Plan, low-carbon has played a key role in the whole auto industry. Automobile manufacturers and component companies are trying to reduce the weight of their vehicles to reduce fuel consumption without compromising performance and safety.

Plastic, which is light, strong, tough, easy to process, and reusable, is considered as one of the most ideal alternative materials for lightweighting and environmental-friendly automobiles. The future of automotive materials is transforming from metal to plastic, and an era of plastic automobiles is approaching.

According to a sample survey on passenger cars in China, a 10% reduction in the weight of a passenger car was associated with a 7.5%-9% fall in fuel consumption, and a 10% reduction in the weight of an electric car was associated with a 5.5% increase in endurance mileage.

The market for automotive plastics is promising, and the injection molding machine industry is also embracing new development opportunities along with the wave of energy conservation and emission reduction combined with new energy vehicles. The wise change with the times and the knowledgeable follow the situation. As a pioneer in the plastic machine industry, the "energy saving and environmental protection" strategy of FCS has long been fully rolled out. The auto industry's demand for lightweighting has brought more opportunities for automotive plastic and two-platen injection molding machines. FCS Group's multi-component injection molding solutions enjoy a high reputation in the industry, especially for the application of large two-component injection molding in auto parts.

● Lightweight Comparison of Auto Parts with Steel and Plastic

In addition, FCS has launched a multi-functional, high-quality, and intelligent two-platen injection molding machine, with its original design concept from a well-known European company, and the integration of more than 30 years of production experience of FCS. With it, customers can save more factory space, produce larger or deeper cylinder products to better meet the market demand. Furthermore, it can also reduce energy consumption by 50%-70%, contributing to achieving the goals of “carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality”.

Professional customization capability better meets the needs of customers
In addition to providing stable and high-quality equipment, FCS also offers another important added value, that is, “professional customization capability”.

In 2021, one of FCS’s customers in the auto parts industry in the United States. Due to the insufficient height of the factory building, the customer's mold cannot be lifted vertically from above the machine and installed between the two platens for mold clamping in a normal process. Therefore, FCS was required to customize the tie bar puller function of the machine, so that, if necessary, a tie bar can be drawn out and the mold can be installed horizontally from the side of the machine. 

FCS’s Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine (LA Series) for North American Market
This is the first successful case of tie bar puller sold by FCS to the United States. The customer has a high opinion of the machine and expects to purchase another LA two-platen injection molding machine in the future. Otherwise, these customized injection molding machines have been sold to Asia, Europe, and America. At present, FCS continues to expand its business map.

In the future, FCS will continue to increase its investment in R&D and enhance its competitiveness in the industry in terms of product technology and solutions. By integrating the Chinese and European technologies coupled with innovative resources as well as accelerating the development and application of new technologies and new processed, FCS is able to better meet the needs of customers' technological advancement.
● Comparison of Before/After Customized the Tie Bar Puller Drawn out of the IMM 

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