FCS Field Application Engineering Center Integrate resources efficiently

In response to the trend of industry entering the digital age, the development of information technology and injection molding industry has also become inseparable. To pursue further development, manufacturers integrate injection molding machine with molding products and establish a resource-saving production process through intelligent technology.

To provide better products and services, FCS formally established the Field Application Engineering Center (FAE) in January 2021, and organized four professional teams, including marketing, business technology, industrial 4.0 technology, process technology and smart factory. Such teams offer industrial 4.0, foaming, long fiber, LSR and other molding technologies to promote marketing and development training so as to pave the way for the development of forward-looking and innovative modes in the field of injection molding. Meanwhile, FCS expects to combine marketing with technology development resources, establish cross-departmental resource circulation, and develop forward-looking application technologies with customers to meet market challenges more effectively.

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FCS provides the lightweight solutions FCS introduces the application of iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory on injection molding techniquesPhoto: FCS provides the lightweight solutions(left);FCS introduces the application of iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory on injection molding  techniques(right)

Tasks and missions of each team in the Field Application Engineering Center


l   Marketing :Integrate and promote marketing channel resources, and strengthen industrial knowledge and enterprise training.
l   Business technology :Sell forward-looking technical equipment and mold, and promote forward-looking and innovative technical cooperation.
l   Industrial 4.0 development :Develop intelligent equipment and system development, and establish and train client 4.0 Team.
l   Process technology/smart factor :Operate smart factory and implement forward-looking molding technology development and cooperation.

FCS discussed the application on iMF4.0 with clients. FCS discussed the application on iMF4.0 with clients.。Photo: FCS and customers are studying countermeasures after the introduction of iMF4.0, using the system to collect data to find production waste.

FCS helps customers reduce uncontrollable factors in the production process through customized intelligent injection solutions, thus improving yield, reducing unexpected downtime losses and enabling factory managers to control real-time production status. The establishment of the Field Application Engineering Center cultivates and expands the operation scope of iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory. Besides, it continuously studies and guides customers to introduce forward-looking application technologies and to improve the efficiency of interdepartmental information exchange and communication. It is undoubtedly a "Great Leap Forward".


FCS_The entire personnel of Field Application Engineering Center (FAE)Photo: The entire personnel of Field Application Engineering Center (FAE)