FCS announced MARUKA Machinery as the agent in North America

FCS expands the American Market - Announced MARUKA Machinery as the agent in North America

FCS makes new integration towards globalization; explore the North American Market with MARUKA Machinery in 2012. And the 2012 NPE show in Orlando will be the important indicator of FCS’ penetration.

On December 13th, 2011, the chairman of FCS, Mr. Po-Hsun Wang, made a contract with the President of MARUKA, Mr. Toshiaki Takeshita, which declared to cooperate in general agency of the North America. This ceremony was successfully end up in Osaka Japan, the MARUKA Headquarters, with the aspiration of marketing expansion strategy.

MARUKA Machinery is a company listing stocks in Japan, with a history of 65 years since 1946. It focuses on four regional economics: Japan, America, China and Southeast Asia; actively construct in European market, and presently has 17 major marketing operations globally. Its business scope includes “industrial machinery” and “construction machinery”. Specifically, “industrial machinery” approximately occupies 80 % of total revenue. It contains: injection molding machines, forging pressing machines, tools and so on. (Note: Southeast Asia Area include: Taiwan, The Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.)

MARUKA Machinery, as agent of a well-known Japanese injection molding machine (IMM) for many years, achieves amazing sales performances. However, as the Japanese brand decided to concentrate on developing full electric IMM, it has a negative effect on hydraulic IMM’s sales performance. Hence, it needs a reconstruction on market layout in the field of hydraulic IMM as an important strategy to make profits. After implementing comprehensive observation and evaluation for three years, FCS stands out and gains excellent reputation. Finally FCS and MARUKA Machinery cooperate and made a contract to initially search for North American market, and afterwards a forward step to expansion.

MARUKA USA, with the head office in New Jersey, owns four branches in Los Angeles, Chicago、Cincinnati, Kansas City and other business basis. Based on its perfect after-sales service system and sales’ strength, occupies 10% North American in IMM field. According to recent 3 years research of MARUKA USA, there are about 5,700 sets of IMM every year are required for USA marketing scales. Full electric and hydraulic type each takes up a half of total market. Although its scale size is not distinguished, it is taking advantage in stability and uniqueness of market economy. North America is high-consumption nationality, with a strict standards and certification requirements for any machinery, equipments, instruments, tools, stationery and so on, that must accord with and pass the norms and guidelines of American National Standards Institute (ANSI/SPI B151.1-2007). It also provides an opportunity for FCS to reassess its products quality and help strengthen the marketplace position of FCS in the USA economy while developing diversified strategy in a new environment.

“New strategy; New challenges”, all staff will take efforts and active attitude to this great change. FCS will make improvement to every detail based on super quality: from design and exploit, process accuracy, component analysis, inspection examination to shipping delivery and after-sales service, combining to a benign system. All to all, FCS will grasp this valuable chance to readjustment, market-reconstruction and improvement, with the mission of stable exploit the market share of North America.