Intelligent Injection Manufacturing Solutions

FCS Group is participating the 34rd International Exhibition on Plastics & Rubber (Chinaplas 2021). FCS is going to display injection machine for all-electric, multi-component and power saving, and also contains various industries like houseware, packaging, optical element and medical appliance.
fu chun shin booth design
“iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System” can be mounted on the injection molding machines and use intelligent sensing modules to improve product yield and reduce production waste. It can be used regardless of the brand of the injection machine, so that the production manager can promptly grasp the production status, thus seizing the " intelligent " manufacturing opportunities for customers.
Smart Injection Molding

Injection Molding Machines for Smart Injection on Chinaplas 2021


All-Electric Multi-Component Molding System: CT-R series

CT-R series is newly launched in 2020, suitable for multi-color products of "high precision and low pollution". Adopting multiple independent barrels for smart injection, greatly shortens the cycle time. The rate of servo rotary table improved by 30%-50%, and the positioning precision up to 0.005°. Linear guide at injection unit makes back pressure approach 0 when charging, reduces the melt overflow. European servo driver and controller system make injection accuracy up to 0.01mm. Equipped 21.5" touch screen with smart control interface, CT-R will show the duo-color shampoo caps through 6 cavities mold and the cycle time is around 12 seconds.
flip top cap machine
Photo: Shampoo caps produced by CT-280R.


Rotary Table Two-Component Molding System: FB-R Series

FB-R series, FCS 2K technology has been developed for over 37 years and with clamping force from 140-1600 tons, which could apply on various field. Rotary table controlled by servo motor could shorten rotary time by more than 50%. Adopting high efficiency double servo power system which is certified the first grade of national power saving standard (≦0.40kw h/kg). With accurate rotary positioning clamper, it protects the mold. The injection unit can be mounted on varieties of models to meet the needs from small to large products. The FB-230R will cooperate with ChaoQun’s automatic out-of-mold assembly solution to produce the airtight container on site. The cycle time is 30 seconds.

>> Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine By FCS (Ⅰ)
>>>> Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine By FCS (ⅠⅠ)
food container injection molding machine
Photo: Airtight Container produced by FB-230R.


In Mold Labeling (lML)Turnkey Solution / All-Electric Molding System: CT-e Series

CT-e Series is the 1st choice of the application of precision parts and accessories. The injection speed is up to 300 mm/sec, and the injection accuracy reaches to 0.01mm. Mold adjusting adopts closed-loop servo valve for faster and precise operation. Using CT-e to make food packaging or lML product could prevent from oil pollution, bonding the label with the plastic products during injection process can produce high-quality products efficiently, cost-effectively and also environmentally friendly. FCS will demonstrate the molding solutions of two CT-e series on site. CT-220e equips with WETEC Automation to display the IML biscuit container. The cycle time is around 9 seconds. Moreover, CT-50e will produce optical lens on site, showing its precisions.
FCS_IML biscuit container produced by CT-220e
Photo: IML biscuit container produced by CT-220e.

optical lens injection molding
Photo: Optical lens produced by CT-50e.


Advanced Servo Hydraulic Molding System: FA Series

FCS launched the FA-e Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding System with Electric-Driven Injection Unit. It is a standard model adopted advanced toggle hydraulic and servo energy-saving design. With high specification and complying with international specification of CE, GB and ANSI. Injection unit is driven by servo motor system for accurate control and smooth motion. Linear guide for injection carriage could lower the wear and tear, and make the injection control precise and stable. Servo injection closed-loop system could accurately control the speed of each shot, the injection time stability is > 99.9%, and with stable molding product weight. Platen strength improvement that increases rigidity by 30%. It will display 24 cavities mold of 5 ml medical syringe production and the cycle time is 9 seconds.
syringe injection molding machine
Photo: Medical syringe produced by FA-160e.


Location:Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center
Date:APR.13~ APR.16
Contact Person: Manager, Hank Wu
E-mail: HANKWU@fcs.com.tw

FCS will see you in CHINAPLAS, sincerely welcome you to visit our stand!
We offer a new and optimized design with increased performance and reliability for a wide variety of industries, and provide suitable intelligent injection molding solutions for you.

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