FCS Keycaps Keyboard Making Machine - Ultra-thin two-color Keycaps Applicated on ESports Keyboard

The development of consumer electronics industry and its technology rapidly moves based on high-end injection molding machines and enough database. FCS group has been developing multi-component injection molding technique since 1984 and has created 5 injection patterns such as Rotary Table (FB-R), Rotary Shaft (FB-T), Sandwich/interval (FB-C), and Large Horizontal Rotary Table (HB-R) series, with total 19 configurations. The two-color injection molding machine has been sold more than 5,000 units, and is the preferred brand in Greater China.`

The following is taking the keyboard making machine as the practical application.

keyboard making machine
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Customer Spotlight
Ultra-thin multi-color keycaps - China:

DONGGUAN SUOAI ELECTRONICS manufactures keyboards, mice, and headphones. The eSports keyboards are launched with ergonomic concept and one piece molding technique.

Suoai uses FCS rotary table two-color injection molding machine to realize the multi-color or multi-component keyboard which could be lighted colorfully and would never be discolored.

esports keyboard
Photo - SUOAI electronics

The cycle time improves 8.6% by the optimized injection speed and rotary parameter. Because of the performance of stable control and reasonable price, there are more than 5 companies in China using FCS FB-R series (FB-280R, 400R, 550R) for two-color keycaps production.


injection molding machine for keyboard production

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Machine model FB-R series (Rotary table 2K IMM)
Clamping force 280 tonf, 400 tonf, 550 tonf
Molding product Two-component keycaps
Product material ABS+PC
Product thickness 0.8 mm
Cavities 108 keys/shot (FB-400R)
Cycle time 32 sec.
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