FCS builds a new future in 2022 with you

After bidding farewell to the rough year of 2021, FCS will join hands with you to embrace a brand-new 2022.

Metaverse has become a heated topic and the application of 5G has swept the world. FCS catches this good opportunity, delivering a report, about “The Material Transformation Brought by 5G and the Advantages and Challenges of the Application of Plastics to the Electronics Industry”. In doing so, it can provide an application case about multi-component injection molding machines for customers. According to the guideline, there is another robust growing trend in the electric vehicles market. The plastic material employed by electric vehicles will grow by 27% by 2025. The key to the use of plastic material lies in reducing the weight of the battery and improving the efficiency of the battery. In terms of products and technology, FCS’s large horizontal rotary table two-component injection molding machine has replaced glass car windows with PC windows, aiming to reduce the car weight.

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With the recovery of the global economy, there is an increased demand for plastic injection molding machines. The revenue and profit of FCS have also reached a record high in 2021. At the beginning of 2021, Indian customers began to put FCS Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine into use and made desirable achievements in the two-component molding application of building components. In the annual event of Chinaplas 2021, three exhibit machines were sold on site, and FCS thus obtains orders worthy of nearly USD 400,000. Besides, FCS has spent USD 40 million to forge the HongZhou Bay New Plant Plan which hold beam raising ceremony in July 2021, and will be put into production in January 2023. In doing so, it can help boost the development of FCS. In the latter of the year, TaipeiPlas unveiled a series of online DigitalGo activities and interacted with potential global customers online. With this, FCS can gain online business opportunities in real time and offer competitive and appropriate injection molding machines to customers. Its aggregate online sales have exceeded USD 2 million in 2021.  
Looking ahead to 2022, FCS will expand its global market and provide better local services under the guidance of the global and multiple operation strategies. We will also grasp every opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with you to forge a brand-new future and help you take the preemptive opportunity in manufacturing.