China Plas 2014 Preview (Apr 23~Apr 26)

ChinaPlas 2014 Preview

Chinaplas 2014 will be held during Apr/23~Apr/26 in Shanghai. FCS will show some eagerest needed machines at this fair, including “A-PACK In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution”, “Two components injection molding machine: FB-SV Series”, “Two platen hydra-mach injection molding machine: LN-SV Series”. 

FCS is the Taiwanese largest and significant manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines founded in 1974. Our dedication to quality is highlighted by the fact that we were the first company in the IMM industry to obtain the CE mark and ISO9001 certification. We were also awarded with the "It's Very Well Made In Taiwan" certification in many years. FCS is also publicly traded professional injection molding machine manufacture on the Over-the-Counter Securities Exchange in Taiwan. So far, there are three factories located respectively at Tainan Taiwan and Dongguan, Ningbo China. The annual turnover of the whole group is USD80 million. More than 70 service centers at different countries are 24 hours stand-by to serve customers all over the world. The clamping force of our production line includes 30~3500 tons.

1. A-Pack IML Turnkey Solution
The A-Pack IML Turnkey Solution could be applied to wild range of beverage, dairy or food container. This system has advantages of stability, high speed, and energy saving. The highlight is that the whole system gets CE certified and has a new appearance which completely suits European market requirement. A-PACK IML Solution consists of 4 components including AF-200, a high-speed hybrid close loop injection molding machine, hot-runner mold, WETEC product stacking system and label inserting system. This system could increase the production efficiency and decrease the cost. For example, to produce 200cc yogurt box with 2 cavities, the cycle time could be under 5 sec.

2. FB-SV Series
In the field of two-color injection molding, FCS Group has been leading the developing direction of the industry by its advanced technology. In Chinaplas 2014, FCS will be showing the new design servo power-saving two-component injection molding machine: FB-160RV, and with the precision injection mold, to display the high precision, high speed and high stability molding technology.
Two Components Servo Power-Saving Injection Molding Machine:FB-SV series employ the single-cylinder injection structure and assures stability of the machine. It assembles patented locking systems to assure the rotary table turning to accurate position. This series are suitable for producing all kinds of two components goods and its maximum clamping force can reach 1900 tons. This series can be equipped with closed loop serve valve (optional). It has high response and high repeatability. FB-SV series are suitable for mobile-phone parts, tool handles, pens, auto lamp cover, and etc. 

3. LN-SV series
FCS integrated European technologies, and successfully developed giant two platen hydra-mech injection molding machines (LN series). The particular feature is without third platen (adjustment of mold), so the machine needs smaller spaces than the traditional one about 20%~30%. Otherwise, the ultra-long mold clamping strokes and the huge capacity makes the machine suitable to produce more kinds of products or barrel products with deep depth. The mold-clamping unit is different from toggle mechanism:  there’s no toggle structures needed, thus there are no lubrications needed. Therefore, the maintaining cost and pollutions will be lower. Owing to the mold opening speed is fast and then the molding cycle time will be reduced. From the foregoing advantages, there will be a kind of trend that this two platen injection molding machine will not only replace traditional types but also getting small and medium-sized. FCS will be showing LN-900SV in Chinaplas 2014 which is equipped with 6-axis robot to automatically produce one-cavity storage box weighted around 1kg. 

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