CHINAPLAS 2015 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at CHINAPLAS 2015.

Location:China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China
Booth:3.1 F21

Asia’s biggest plastic and rubber exhibition, CHINAPLAS 2015, will be held in Guangzhou, China from May 20th to 23rd.The theme of this year’s CHINAPLAS will be green production and energy conservation with this in mind. 
FCS will display its capability through energy saving innovations and technologies. This year, FCS will launch its Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component IMM and Servo Power-Saving Multi-Component IMM. These models contain highly technical and innovative concept. This shows that FCS Group has a high degree of specialization in systems integration and innovation development.

The 350 ton Horizontal Rotary Table machine has the same mold loading capacity as a 1,000 ton dual-colored injection machine.
In 2012, FCS successfully developed the HB-R: “High Tonnage Two-Platen Two-Component IMM”, series with a clamping force of up to 1,900 tons. This is one of few huge Two-component IMMs in the world. This series combines the Two-Platen IMM, Two-Component IMM, Horizontal Rotary Table IMM and the Servo Power-Saving IMM technology. This exhibition will show that the 350 ton (HB-350RV) machine has the same mold loading capacity as a1000 ton dual-colored injection machine. 
It also has the following multiple features:
* A horizontal rotary platen that decreases the issues caused by gravity and intertia.
* A horizontal turntable design which could withstand a load of up to 3,600kg and quickly 
complete a cycle within 3 seconds.
* A longer mold daylight opening under the same tie bar distance for longer molds 
compared with vertical ones.
* Having only two platens for its clamping unit not only saves space, but also satisfies the 
demand for products that uses large two component molds.
* Equiped with a German servo system for higher energy efficiency.
* Highly suitable for two component products, such as covers for large home appliances, 
sunroofs and car lamps.
* This model is applicable for both single and double component machines to increase 
Servo Power-Saving Multi-Component controlled by servo motor could shorten rotary time by more than 50%.
Another model to be displayed in CHINAPLAS 2015 would be an energy saving Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-280RV). 
This machine has the following multiple features:
* Rotary table controlled by a servo motor for a shortened rotary time of more than 50% 
with more stable rotary speed switch and more precise positioning.
* Adopts a high efficiency double servo power system which has a first grade certification 
for national power saving standards (≦0.40kw h/kg).
* An accurate rotary positioning clamper, to protect the mold.
* An insert function, to produce triple colored products.
* Highly suitable for two component products, such as housewares, tool handles, 
stationeries  and household appliances.

Contact: Mr. John Hsieh (Sales Manager)
Tel: +886 (06) 595 0688 Ext.6869
E-mail: fcs2025@fcs.com.tw