How could FCS IMMs play a role in fighting off the Coronavirus

Under the threats of the COVID-19, medical staffs are our most concerned people. In addition to the masks, safety goggles are the most important protection to against COVID-19. The demand of medical materials has exploded all around the world and especially pushed the manufacturers in China for rapid resumption of production. Some of them have transformed to medical suppliers and chosen FCS injection molding machines, have been assisting government to offer the frontline protection.

Safety Goggles - China:
Day Sun mainly produces sunglasses, and safety glasses in Guangzhou, but due to the epidemic, it has improved the design and production standard, and has been qualified to produce medical goggles under the capacity of 200,000 sets per day.
Safety Goggles
>> Application in medical appliance

Eyeslens optics in Fujian actively joined the goggles production, adopted the high-performance energy-saving injection molding machine (HN series) from FCS to produce PVC frame of goggles. The machines have completed the test and being ready to start mass production.

>> Servo Power-Saving Injection Molding Machine 

FCS Taiwan headquarters has been offering its professional solutions and resources to support customers in medical industry around the world, and to accelerate machine delivery and production stability.

Blood collection tubes - Egypt:
FCS high-speed closed-loop hybrid injection molding machines (AF series) were chose to produce 32 cavities PET blood collection tubes in Egypt, due to their high performance of product precision, cleanliness and circularity.

Plastic pump and sprayer parts - Taiwan:

PET Bottles and jars for disinfection alcohol has become shortage as soon as COVID-19 outbreaks. The Living Fountain Plastic Industrial company has been using FCS all-electric injection molding machine (CT-e series) to produce precise parts of the sprayer, has recently settled more advanced servo hydraulic Injection Molding Machines (FA Series) to enhance its production capacity.

>>Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

The main reason of FCS’s popularity is the “excellent performance and quality of the injection molding machines”, and especially the ability to “quickly support the customers to put into production within shortest time”. We’ll keep fighting together against the epidemic, and expect the success soon.