The development of consumer electronics industry and its technology rapidly moves based on high-end injection molding machines and enough database. FCS group has been developing multi-component injection molding technique since 1984 and has created 5 injection patterns such as Rotary Table (FB-R), Rotary Shaft (FB-T), Sandwich/interval (FB-C), and Large Horizontal Rotary Table (HB-R) series, with total 19 configurations. The two-color injection molding machine has been sold more than 5,000 units, and is the preferred brand in Greater China. ...
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Injection moldings with multi-cavity mold are widely used in industry. They could increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of product. These are advantages. However, the filling processes in cavities are always not equilibrium, generating the short injection, bending, shrinking phenomenons. These problems affects product quality and development process. ...
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The eyes are “the windows to the soul”. Our eyes could replace the words to express various of emotions. However, the modern life and technology have forced people staring at smartphones or computer screens all the time, and women often use contact lens and eye makeup, coupled with the work pressure, seasons changing, and air pollution, more and more people have high intraocular pressure or dry eye syndrome (DES). Therefore, some people choose to use eye drops or "eye wash" to relieve the eye discomfort. ...
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Injection molding production management is a production activity with organized planning and supervisory regulation. The traditional injection molding production management is based on handwritten records, which easily leads to many risks and problems that cannot be solved in real time. Therefore, the improvement effects of production management are not obvious.  ...
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It has been over 150 years since Humans have created and developed plastic material, and Injection molding machines play an important role in plastic processing industry. ...
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Under the threats of the COVID-19, medical staffs are our most concerned people. In addition to the masks, safety goggles are the most important protection to against COVID-19. The demand of medical materials has exploded all around the world and especially pushed the manufacturers in China for rapid resumption of production. Some of them have transformed to medical suppliers and chosen FCS injection molding machines, have been assisting government to offer the frontline protection. ...
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Plastivision (PVI) holding every 3 years, is one of the popular international plastic exhibitions in India, and was held for 5 days from January 16th to 21st in 2020. ...
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Before celebrating the Chinese New Year, COVID-19 outbroke and was declared as an international emergency by WHO. Since the first case appeared in December 2019, more than 80,000 cases have been diagnosed globally within 3 months.  ...
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The market changes are closely related to user demands. New energy vehicles have been attracting much attention recently and getting government subsidies in China. BYD Group started its business from batteries and entered the automotive industry and launched its own brand in 2003. Now BYD is the largest production base in western China. ...
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The operating conditions of enterprises are constantly changing, which urges managers to keep pace with the times through continual learning. Having run FSC Group for over 40 years, Mr. Po Hsun Wang still keeps in mind the ancient motto of “Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.” ...
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