Since the outbreak in 2020, many industries have been disrupted by the pandemic. The injection molding machine industry in China has also been affected by factors such as increased material prices, weak consumption in various industries, and fierce internal competition.  ...
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In 2022, FCS Group assists China's high-end intelligent bathroom brand “Jomoo”, to realize a smart lighthouse factory. It is understood that the factory adopts technologies such as 5G central automatic feeding system, FCS Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine (HN-530), 5G robot, 5G In-Mold Monitoring, digital process analysis and other technologies to fully realize a lights-out factory. ...
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The European Union set a goal of reducing carbon emission by 40% to abate the climate anomalies resulted from global warming. Most car manufacturers are turning to the development trend of lightweight, and the bicycle and electric vehicle industries have particularly made significant progress. ...
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FCS Group (6603) (hereinafter referred to as FCS) is a leader in the equipment for the plastic and rubber industry, whose hot-selling plastic and rubber molding equipment, the multi-component injection molding machine, has hit a record high in 2021, with the annual turnover exceeding NTD 2.2 billion and annual sales exceeding 600 machines. Its excellent performance is unmatched by any other company in the industry. At present, its market application of multi-component injection molding technology is expanded, which will further widen the gap with its competitors.  ...
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In 2021, issues such as the globally tightened supply of energy and climate warming, have been more and more prominent. Under the background of China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality, new energy, as a leading industry, has ushered in explosive growth. At the same time, low-carbon development has also become the core research subject of the entire automobile industry.  ...
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Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. was honored as one of the Top 50 Industrial Enterprises. ...
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Take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to the Guanmiao District of Tainan, which is famous for its pineapples in Taiwan, you will see a factory covering over 70,000 square meters in the pineapple fields and a large sign written “FCS” from afar.  ...
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According to yahoo news, last year (2021), 25 suppliers across Europe have committed to use clean energy. These companies are pursuing variety of clean energy options, such as Infineon using on-site solar energy in Germany and Austria; DSM Engineering Materials supporting wind power projects in the Netherlands, and so on. ...
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Fu Chun Shin (FCS), a nearly 50-year-old plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, made the most significant upgrade for its ERP system in 2019. The ERP system of FCS has been used for more than 10 years. After the upgrade, not only it could support mobile applications, but also lay the foundation for FCS to transform into a smart factory. ...
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In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has been developing well. As an important plastic machinery, the injection molding machine occupies a leading position, with the output value accounting for about 40%.  ...
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