In recent years, the technology of two-component/multi-component/multi-material/multi-angle injection molding has been developed and has made considerable progress, which has become the focus and hot spot of the injection molding industry in recent years. ...
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After a lapse of two years, the largest CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition in Asia first came to Shenzhen. During the four-day exhibition from April 13 to 16, 2021, the number of visitors reached 152,134, and it is worth noting that the official live broadcast platform has 363,000 views! ...
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Multi Injection Molding, known as Multi Color Injection Molding, Multi Material Injection Molding or Multi Shot Injection Molding, is one of the three main divisions of Injection Molding. Multi Injection Molding technique is widely adopted which was to improve the production efficiency of two-component parts.  ...
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The O-ring can be used to connect the PVC fittings,is the essential part in building components, and it is made of combination of two material by injection moulding. O-Ring injection molding is regularly applied on building components. In the technology of two-component injection moulding machine, FCS is the leading name in Indian plastic market.   ...
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The 5th Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association successfully held the 4th general meeting on March 12. Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) was awarded as one of the Top Ten Enterprises of Comprehensive Strength in Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Industry of Ningbo City in 2020 and one of the Outstanding Anti-pandemic Enterprises in 2020, according to the result of outstanding enterprise election in 2020 held by China Plastics Machinery Industry Association. ...
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Jiangbei District Government of Ningbo City recently held the 2021 Economic Work Conference to present the 2020 Economic Innovation and Development Award. The District Committee and the District Government commended outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs for their outstanding contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Jiangbei District in 2020. Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. was honored as one of the Top 50 Industrial Enterprises. ...
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In response to the trend of industry entering the digital age, the development of information technology and injection molding industry has also become inseparable. To pursue further development, manufacturers integrate injection molding machine with molding products and establish a resource-saving production process through intelligent technology. ...
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“iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System” can be mounted on the injection molding machines and use intelligent sensing modules to improve product yield and reduce production waste. It can be used regardless of the brand of the injection machine, so that the production manager can promptly grasp the production status, thus seizing the " intelligent " manufacturing opportunities for customers. ...
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Injection mold longevity is just as important to part cost and quality as the design. The effective and careful maintenance of plastic injection mold is needed to keep an injection molding machine in the best working order. Then how to maintain plastic injection molds? The following tips can help you understand what need to do for injection mold maintenance. ...
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Established in 1974, FCS is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of plastic injection molding machines. In recent years, it has advanced to provide customized intelligent injection solutions. With five production plants in Tainan, Dongguan, Ningbo, Ningbo No.2 Factory (Hangzhou Bay New District), Indonesia and India, it sees an average annual turnover of about USD120 million. ...
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