Milliken, a global market leader in plastic additives, has partnered with the FCS Group,Milliken also uses the FCS All-Electric Two-Component Injection Molding Machine CT-R series,achieves sustainable development of plastic manufacturing process. ...
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Thanks for your support and for choosing the FCS brand. Given that to the Lunar Chinese New Year is approaching, this is a kindly reminder to inform you about the maintenance process before the long-term shutdown of the machine.  ...
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Thanks for 2022, and FCS wish you all the best as you embark on 2023 ahead. ...
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May the blessings and happiness of Christmas season be yours. FCS Group wish you a merry Christmas. ...
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FCS has launched the mobile business version, iMF 4.0-Lite. The lightweight version allows management and on-site personnel to conveniently view the parameters of the molding process by mobile. Compared with iMF 4.0-Pro, the mobile version can be installed and deployed more quickly. It is suitable for small enterprises to conduct digital transformation and experience Industry 4.0. ...
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The multi-component molding technology solution of FCS Group (FCS) has embraced a new product: The X-type parallel quartet-injection molding machine. This technology has been introduced to the FCS large multi-component injection molding machine line. The first GW-1600R large two-platen multi-component injection molding machine (quartet-injection molding machine) has been delivered to a well-known Chinese automotive lamp supplier for mass production. ...
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During the eight trade fair days, it became clear that this year’s K was right on target with its selection of hot topics, circular economy, climate protection, and digitalization. In terms of investment intentions, machinery and equipment for processing and recycling stood out at 43%. The focus was particularly on sustainability, but also on circular economy and energy/resource efficiency in production. FCS exhibited the “Servo Energy-Saving 2K Injection Molding Machine (FB-280R)” and the green footwear material of GENTREX cooperating with TienKang on-site. The former machine emphasizes the system integration concept of combining green energy technology and high customization, while the latter develops the thermoplastic elastic shoe midsole through MuCell physical foaming technology, conveying that FCS is committed to innovation-driven and sustainable development in both material application and processing. ...
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FU CHUN SHIN (VIETNAM) Co., Ltd. has been founded for nearly five years. Currently, it has branch offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. As of September 2022, it has delivered 300 machines accumulatively, with a volume of business of more than 10 million USD. ...
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TaipeiPLAS 2022, a five-day physical exhibition, attracted 12,500 visitors from more than 40 countries, with an online exhibition of over 10,000 visitors from more than 14 countries. The theme of the exhibition this year closely followed the trends of industrial smart upgrade and circular economy. FCS exhibited the green footwear material of GENTREX cooperating with TienKang and the FA-e series with the characteristics of electric high efficiency and energy saving on-site. FCS is all committed to sustainable development in terms of material application or manufacturing processes. During the exhibition, FCS attracted nearly 400 customers to visit, whose performance exceeded NTD 90 million, and we're looking forward to the K 2022 in Germany and the exhibition in Vietnam and Indonesia to make great achievements. Facing the challenges in the post-pandemic era, we are expecting how FCS continuously launches various new injection molding machine solutions. ...
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Tien Kang, the leading brand of footwear machinery manufacturer, and FCS, the leading brand of plastic machinery manufacturer, took this opportunity to collaborate on an innovative model and successfully developed the "Multifunctional Physical Foam Injection Molding System". The brand name is GENTREX. The system is particularly suitable for the "zero carbon emission" production of various components of "thermoplastic elastomeric micro foam" with wide range of applications, including shoe, bicycle and motorcycle industries that require vibration damping, cushioning or comfort components. ...
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