Take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to the Guanmiao District of Tainan, which is famous for its pineapples in Taiwan, you will see a factory covering over 70,000 square meters in the pineapple fields and a large sign written “FCS” from afar.  ...
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According to yahoo news, last year (2021), 25 suppliers across Europe have committed to use clean energy. These companies are pursuing variety of clean energy options, such as Infineon using on-site solar energy in Germany and Austria; DSM Engineering Materials supporting wind power projects in the Netherlands, and so on. ...
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Fu Chun Shin (FCS), a nearly 50-year-old plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, made the most significant upgrade for its ERP system in 2019. The ERP system of FCS has been used for more than 10 years. After the upgrade, not only it could support mobile applications, but also lay the foundation for FCS to transform into a smart factory. ...
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In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has been developing well. As an important plastic machinery, the injection molding machine occupies a leading position, with the output value accounting for about 40%.  ...
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As necessities for people's livelihood, household products have increasing demand year by year with the progress of global urbanization and economic development, and their market has gradually matured and saturated. However, in some developing countries, the market for these basic livelihood products has just stepped into its growth stage. Over a decade ago, while Bangladesh was in dire need of ...
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The official website of FCS was launched in July 2018. After 3 years and 8 months, its 8th language was officially launched on March 8th, today. Along the way of building every language system and maintenance, the bittersweet, tears and sweat is indescribable even using 8 languages! Cheers for the website peace and performance! ...
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The new energy market is booming and the sales of injection molding machines have recorded a new high. In the face of many unfavorable factors, such as the capricious COVID-19 and the high raw material prices in 2021, the plastic machinery industry still managed to achieve excellent results with ...
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After four years, we can finally meet FCS again in Shanghai! It will join the 35th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (Chinaplas 2022) for a global gathering again! The pandemic in 2020 postponed the exhibition in Shanghai. In 2021, we gathered in Shenzhen and had a short but wonderful meeting. In this gathering in 2022, FCS will be more excellent, and colorful. The pandemic cannot stop FCS researchers from being forging ahead with their ambitions.  ...
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An FCS Client was Awarded with Exporter of the Year 2021 in EI Salvador El Salvador is located in the north of Central America. It is the smallest country in Central America, but it is also a place where many adventure kings start new businesses. SANCHIA, a client of FCS in El Salvador, is known as the largest plastic furniture company in Central America with five factories.  ...
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FCS wish you a great new start and a prosperous lifetime in the coming year.    ...
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