Congratulations |FCS for winning the honor of the 2021 Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Zhejiang Province!

Technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises
In July 2021, at the Fifth CCP Central Financial and Economic Affairs Commission, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward an important instruction of “cultivating a group of small and medium-sized enterprises with characteristics of specialization, refinement, differentiation, and innovation”, which called for further improvement of the specialization level of small and medium-sized enterprises during “the 14th Five-Year Plan”. Ministry of Finance, PRC and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC further supported the development of technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises through central financial funds and issued a notice on supporting the high-quality development of technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises.

Technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises refer to small and medium-sized enterprises with four advantages of specialization, refinement, differentiation, and innovation, and are an important force to promote economic and social development. The successful accreditation of FCS Ningbo this time is the high affirmation of the Bureau of Economic Information Technology for FCS Ningbo’s efforts in specialization, refinement, differentiation, and innovation, as well as the affirmation for FCS Ningbo’s R&D innovation capability and business development scale.

The following will introduce the 4 advantages of FCS injection molding machine, including specialization, refinement, differentiation, and innovation. 

Specialization-Rotary Table Two-Component Molding System: FB-R Series
FB-R series, FCS 2K technology has been developed for over 37 years, with clamping force from 140-1600 tons, which could apply to various fields.
A rotary table controlled by a servo motor could shorten the rotary time by more than 50%. Adopting a high-efficiency double servo power system which is certified the first grade of national power-saving standard (≤0.40kw h/kg). With an accurate rotary positioning clamper, it protects the mold.  

Refinement-All-Electric Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (CT-R series)
CT-R series is recently launched in 2020, suitable for multi-color products with high precision and low pollution. Adopting multiple independent barrels for injection greatly shortens the cycle time. Linear guide at injection unit makes back pressure approach 0 when charging, and reduces the melt overflow. European servo driver and controller system make injection accuracy up to 0.01mm. 

Differentiation-iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory 
In order to support the customers to approach smart production, FCS developed and launched the Industry 4.0 solution for injection molding since 2017, which is “iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System”. And collect the necessary interface device and process sensor information by OPC-UA communication protocol, and the manufacturing resource database is constructed in real time with Ethernet. The intelligent manufacturing factory system (Intelligent ManuFactory 4.0) in the cloud converts resource database data into OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) production trends, automatic production statistics, and molding process parameters records. Then, the Industry 4.0 action computing, analysis and optimization are performed to improve production efficiency and reduce production waste.

Innovation-Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (HB-R Series)
HB-R Series with high loading capacity and self-supporting swivel unit to hold a maximum mold weight of up to 30 tons. And it is suitable for large-scale home appliances and panels, automotive skylights, lights, corner windows and other two-component production. By using HB-R series, influence coming from external forces such as gravity and inertia resulting from its vertical rotation can be easily avoided. Moreover, if this machine is used for the production of single component products, it doubles the capacity and increases production efficiency. This model is applicable for both single and double component machines to increase efficiency.


The list of the 2021 Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Zhejiang Province (Manufacturers in Ningbo Plastic Industry Association - a partial list) 


This accreditation is conducive to improving the core competitiveness and influence in the industry of FCS Ningbo, which will have a positive impact on the development of the FCS Ningbo’s overall business. In the future, FCS Ningbo will continue to increase R&D investment, adhere to the road of “science and technology” and “specialization, refinement, differentiation, and innovation”, give full play to the leading and demonstration role, further enhance its independent innovation capability and enhance its brand influence in the industry.

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