Taipeiplas: FCS Achieved Great Success & Application of Wisdom at its Finest

Taipeiplas as this year’s 5-day biannual exhibition, Taiwan’s No.1 plastics and rubber technology show, came to a successful end last August 16. In addition, this year’s show attracted 18,062 international and domestic visitors, and the size and scale of it (the show this year) has reached the second highest on record.

This exhibition FCS upheld the spirit of MIT to make their latest R&D achievements debut in Taipeiplas, so that it has different advantages and viewabilities from other international exhibitions. And in this exhibition, FCS launched three new systems: Functional Two-Component Molding System, Two-Platen Hybrid Electric Molding System and All-Electric Molding System.

1. Functional Two-Component Molding System: HB-RV Series
This series combines the structure of Two-platen and Two-component model, the horizontal rotary table, stack mold, and the servo power-saving technology which show that the 350 ton (HB-350RV) machine could cover the same mold loading capacity as a traditional 1,000 ton Two-Component Injection Machine. With the trend of lightweight automobile, FCS launched an industry-leading new design patent- VENT molding technology. With the VENT type barrel from Nihon Yuki Co., the machine doesn't need to do the preheating process, which can decrease the energy consumption and the lead time of raw material drying. Moreover, the moisture, monomer and volatile components of raw materials could be completely removed by using VENT technology and the molding quality would be improved. FCS displayed HB-350RV with KUKA 6-axis robot automatically producing Dual Colored Tray and arranged the rationing DFFIM performances and lectures. That could not only attract curious guests and visitors, but also catch the foreign and domestic auto industry attention.

2. Two-Platen Hybrid Electric Molding System: LM-SV Series
The Two-Platen Hybrid Electric IMM has the unique gearbox which integrates injection, feeding structures and servo driver, so that it achieves high-speed stability & precise metering. In addition, it adopts the all-electric injection unit for more precise and stable injection, moreover shortening the molding cycle time. Above all, it echoes the demands of industry for environmental protection, pollution, reduce the cost again. In appearance, the touch panel & multi-angle swing, the handle with LED warning light and full-wrapping metal plate have considered not only aesthetic but also ergonomics. In the exhibition, FCS presented a show of exquisite Cutlery Tray (142g) automatically produced with two-cavity mode by LM-500SV, whose shape was delicate and color was versatile that changed each day.

3. All-Electric Molding System: HE Series
The All-Electric IMM(HE-300) not only catches a hot topic nowadays- Industry 4.0 to adopt intelligent flow balancing control system to achieve unmanned production management and reduce SQC system cost, but also uses the controller via EtherCAT and Modbus communication interface to increase the integration and production efficiency. Moreover, this unit’s cover and body style was designed to improve its protective capabilities and ensure the operator’s safety. And based on Taiwan’s HSR concept design, with FCS logo’s color, that means fast response and fashion appearance. A thin-walled Container Lid was produced at the event, attracting curious guests and visitors because of the cycle time of 8 secs.

All these models not only follow the energy-saving market demands and developing trend, but also show FCS’s high capacity in system integration and innovative development. At the booth, there are many foreign and domestic buyers (440 companies) inquiring and international reporters were present. What was more exciting was that the fair indirectly brought as many as a million-dollar-valued orders for FCS and received two the award for “First Prize”. And the constant receiving of order information during the consultation made the exhibition outcome perfect. Taipeiplas is an important event for plastics and rubber industry to participate in. FCS, based in Taiwan, will uphold the MIT spirit to support the local exhibition continuously and push Taiwan brand to the world.