TAIPEIPLAS 2016 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at TAIPEIPLAS 2016.

Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1


At the Taipeiplas 2016, from Aug. 12th to 16th, FCS is going to focus on energy-saving innovation, launching a new design of multi-functional two-component IMM, two-platen hybrid IMM and all-electric IMM. All these models include highly technical and innovative concept, but also follow the developing trend of Industry 4.0, with energy-saving market demands, showing FCS’s high capacity in system integration and innovative development.

1. Functional Two-Component Molding System: HB-RV Series
Since Taipeiplas 2014 with the trend of lightweight automobile, FCS successfully displayed HB-R series “Horizontal rotary table two-component IMM”, which has offered a great molding solution for the industry of large automotive parts and household electric appliance covers.

Now, FCS is willing to introduce a new industry-leading design patent from Japan (VENT molding technology). By installing it on the HB-350RV IMM, preheating and drying of plastic materials would no longer be necessary and decrease the time to produce two-component parts such as a car sunroof. The whole system also offers additional features as below:
*Compact footprint: the 350-ton machine (HB-350RV) covers the same mold loading capacity as a traditional 1,000-ton Two-Component IMM. By having only two platens and one horizontal turntable for its clamping unit, it greatly saves floor space, while allowing for producing single and dual component products. This gain in efficiency especially satisfies the demand for products using large two-component molds.
*Low energy consumption: with the VENT type barrel from Nihon Yuki Co., the machine doesn't need any preheating process, which significantly decrease energy consumption and raw material drying duration. Besides, the moisture, monomer and volatile components of raw materials can be complete removed by using the VENT technology, improving then the molding quality.
*Defect-free molding: equipped with the FCS exclusive agent “Hungry Feeder”, it efficiently solves molding defects such as contamination, silver streaks, sink marks, voids, burning and mold deposits.

2. Two-Platen Hybrid Electric Molding System: LM-SV Series
Since 2006, FCS successfully developed the first “Two-platen Hydra-Mech IMM”, LM series, with a clamping force of up to 3,200 tons. Over 60 sets have already been sold within 3 years. The all-new “Dual-Platen Hybrid Molding Machine” is capable of performing on par with any European brands. It’s designed for the production of items such as kitchenware and appliances.

With the advantages of the opening-mold speed and no-lubrication, it adopts all electric injection unit for more precise and stable injection, shortening molding cycle time. Above all, it fills the industrial demands, achieving environmental protection goals at low overall costs.

3. All-Electric Molding System: HE Series
FCS has developed small All-Electric IMM for 10 years now. This year, FCS will produce thin-walled plastic containers using a 300-ton all-electric IMM. A larger model is planned to be launched (up to 450 tons) to satisfy the demand of other products.
*World-class components: it’s equipped with KEBA controller from Austria and PHASE servomotor from Italy, driving all the servo power injection technology. Then, high accuracy, high stability, multi-axis motion, and energy-saving molding needs can be achieved.
*Equivalent capacity: the 300-ton machine has the same mold loading capacity as a 400-ton injection machine.
*Simultaneous operation: high injection speed and precision measurements can be executed simultaneously with the movements of mold opening, ejection, material feeding. It is a good perfect solution for producing parts of shorter cycle time such as thin-walled containers and 3C products.
*Energy saving: it could save energy up to 50%~70%, while reducing the usage of cooling water since no oil is required and temperature remains steady.

With Over 40 years of technological developments and innovations, the overall performance of FCS machine has reached high levels of stability and reliability. Meanwhile, FCS offers optimized design with differentiated features for the product characteristics of each specific industry. The above new released models meet customers’ demands, reinforcing the competiveness of FCS IMM. FCS always continues to innovate and assist customers in order to strengthen its leading position in global competitive markets.

Sincerely welcome to visit our booth at TAIPEIPLAS 2016!

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