Pool Facility Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia - Whole-plant FCS Injection Molding Machine

Water is cherished in the Middle Eastern
Saudi Arabia has a tropical desert climate, having high temperatures and little rainfall while being dry throughout the year, so the preservation of water and food is especially important there. In Saudi Arabia, the food packaging industry, such as fruit baskets for food storage, PET bottled water production lines, and take away food which requires thin-wall boxes and containers, and PVC pipe fittings for construction, are particularly thriving, providing vital necessaries for the local people. Meanwhile, since water is a very precious resource there, swimming pools and SPA facilities are symbols of fame and wealth in Saudi Arabia. 

Starting a business with Saudi Arabian customers
Saudi Arabia is one of the Middle East countries where FCS enjoys a good market. A well-known local swimming pool/SPA facility supplier, in five years following the first deal with FCS in 2000, continually purchased FCS injection molding machines for the production of swimming pool facilities, including PVC pipes, pumps, water filtration systems, and cleaning products. 


FCS being favored by a big fan
This big fan is a company with a history of over 50 years and has offices in both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. FCS paid a business visit and service tour to the customer in 2019 and learned that it was building a new plant. In addition to tour inspection services for old machines, we also actively assisted the customer in planning the production lines of the new plant, and we were lucky to get an inquiry opportunity. While the plan was suspended due to the pandemic, FCS kept caring about the latest status of the customer and finally re-initiated the project in 2021 and got the  injection machine order again, including Servo Power-Saving Injection Molding Machine (HT Series) and Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA Series). In addition to the traditional advantages of the HT series, the FA series is an enhanced version of the HT series, which also has a higher system pressure (160kgf/cm square), tie bar spacing increase due to the wide plate design, servo injection closed-loop system, linear guide for injection carriage, and fully optimized control units, making it a worthwhile purchase for the customer. Now this customer has over 10 sets of FCS injection molding machines and is a big fan of FCS in Saudi Arabia. 
During the pandemic, all countries encountered a market sharp turn, and both sellers and buyers were affected. FCS overcame the difficulties of remote installation and service and developed a pandemic solution with digital tools, in which engineers assisted customers in handling remote installation and parameter setting, and have successfully assisted online installation of injection molding machines with a maximum clamping force of 600 tons. 

Face-to-face listening to create potential business opportunities
Constant care and personal visits are the only way to establish customer relationships. We listen to the voice of customers with objectivity and empathy, and give suggestions on injection and molding at appropriate times. When customers feel they are valued, they are more responsive and sometimes help us spot potential problems. 

FCS's service team provides 24hr online support and fast responses, as well as reliable services, and is committed to enhancing the visibility of Taiwan brands in the local market. In addition to the variety of machines, we also provide customers with whole-plant turnkey solution service, precision injection mold development technology, and smart injection molding solutions. 

Our development in the Middle East market is more difficult than in the Southeast Asia market because of cultural and regional differences. Only by sincerely listening to the voice of customers can we overcome the pandemic and breakthrough communication barriers. FCS is striving to become a trusted partner of our customers. We look forward to the early elimination of the pandemic and to seeing our customers again as soon as possible!