Supporting green logistics - FCS recycles to make recyclable pallets

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people changed their life styles due to quarantine at home and work remotely, which greatly increase the demand of medical and logistics supplies. 

PChome, the Taiwan’s largest B2C online marketplace, has increased sales by 3.7 times than last year for food and daily necessities. Such a craze gives a challenge to the global logistics and smarter warehousing industries.


The pallet plays an important role in order to facilitate stacking and transportation in logistics. The wooden pallets are used to be popular because of the lower cost, but it’s not easy to maintain and clean, such as sawdust and plant diseases and pests. The acute angles around pallets may cause damage to the items or injury to the personnel. 

The plastic pallets gradually replace wood, and has special structural design to improve durability. Moreover, according to the different industries and standards, there are various specification including nine legs, three runner, picture frame and double sided for users to choose. 

FCS adopted two-platen structure with two opposite injection units and stack mold technology, successfully developed the Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (HB-R Series). Both LM and HB-R machines are applicable for producing large products or barrels and bins with deep depth.
Machine characteristic
The HB-2350D is a special injection molding machine for pallets, which produce 2 pallets in one cycle. It adopts servo system, electric charging, accumulators, and two platen clamping unit, to get higher energy saving, higher speed and stable performance.

◎Its opposite double injection capabilities could applicable for both single and double component products to increase machine capabilities.
◎With higher mold loading capacity and suitable for large products like automotive exterior components or logistics use.
◎Servo system has high response and operation stably, the power saving of 40~70%.
◎Two platen structure reduces lubrication and maintenance cost.

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In addition to offering customized injection molding machines, FCS set up a new business FCS RGP in Batam, Indonesia, which recycles plastics material to make recycled plastic pallets, trash cans, and recycled packaging material like PET clear sheet roll. Moreover, FCS promotes correct use and recycling concepts of plastic, to shape a better world.