Step into the future – FCS in K Show 2019

The world's leading plastics and rubber industry event – K Show 2019, took a long 8-day exhibition period and closed successfully on Oct. 23 in the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre. Before its coming again in 2022, let us review the highlights and grasp the market demand and trend.


There were 3,330 exhibitors and about 220,000 visitors from 168 countries, of which more than 73% were from outside Germany. India was still the largest source of Asian visitors, and the number of Chinese and Japanese visitors rose again. Visitors from countries around Germany were Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, and France in order; visitors from North and South America increased by 7%, especially from Brazil.



There were 1,975 exhibitors in machinery and equipment manufacturing range, which were also the focus of visitors. Another 52% of visitors were interested in raw materials and additives, and 28% of visitors were in semi-finished products, industrial plastics and rubber parts. Overall, the goals of the visitor's visit are seeking product range expansion, efficiency improvement, and circular economy, that is, product sustainability and production sustainability. More than half of the visitors at the decision-making level indicated that they had come forward with a specific investment intention. The investment requirements for expansion were particularly high, especially for extruder and extrusion production lines, injection molding machines, and recycling machinery and equipment.



In addition to participating in K, FCS also sent R & D team to visit and study, and obtained important conclusions in the field of injection molding:

  1. The future of plastics processing is "digital", and equipment suppliers are accelerating the "smart machines, smart processes and smart services"
  2. The circular economy of waste recycling has received great attention. One of the major challenges that recycled plastic molding now facing is “the change in melt viscosity”.
  3. Various elements of continuous developing include energy saving, lightweight plastic parts, liquid silicone, IMF, IMR and other applications


The displayed machines in K that launched by FCS not only meet the above-mentioned fields, but also was the first time in Europe showing "New generation of advanced servo hydraulic IMM" and "All-electric IMM" . That fully showed FCS's innovation and technology integration capabilities, including the green energy concept and smart computing technology, to help improve efficiency and reduce waste, which is the solution that customers urgently seek.



New Generation Molding System: FA-160


The platen strength improvement increase by 30%, with human ergonomics concept and aesthetics, not only integrate the advantage of electrical control, also provide optional modular specification to meet the requirement such as food packaging and thin-walled container industries. The FA-160 automatically produced one-cavity lunch box with lid on the K stand. Its fast and beautiful mold open-close smoothness and low noise performance made visitors believed it was a full-electric machine. Visitors praise for its cost performance was much higher than that of the peers.



In Mold Labeling Molding System:CT-300


The improved injection velocity, shot volume accuracy, and the mold opening, ejecting, and plasticizing processes simultaneously operating, are suitable for requirements such as 3C, medical or optical products. CT-300 quickly and easily produces 8-cavity 100 ml IML ice cream cups. It doubles production output through the 4+4 cavities stack mold technology, and uses mold cavity flow balance module for monitoring and automatic compensation and screening of defective products to achieve unmanned production monitoring.



In this K, FCS delivered brilliant results. In addition to the on-site order amount of 1.3 million US dollars, FCS got more than 200 valid business cards and potential orders of more than 1.5 million US dollars. Meanwhile, we would like to thank TAITRA, all public associations, and co-exhibitors for their referrals, bringing a lot of domestic and foreign media and visitors crowds to the booth, and giving FCS a high degree of recognition and encouragement. FCS are getting more courageous to face the increasingly severe market challenges, and the mission of “Shape a better world”.