Short Notice for Machine Maintenance

Thanks for your support and for choosing the FCS brand. Given that to the Lunar Chinese New Year is approaching, this is a kindly reminder to inform you about the maintenance process before the long-term shutdown of the machine. The maintenance process is to keep the machine working smoothly after resuming for work.

The injection molding machine’s precautions are as follows:

1. Clean the machine:
After turning off the power, remove the oil、plastic、dust…etc. Make sure the machine is cleaned thoroughly.

2. Mechanical aspects:
A. Check that all of the hoses are working well without damage. If they are damaged, replace for new ones.
B. Lubricate all the grease points of the machine.
C. Check the lubrication system.
D. Check all the screws/bolts.
E. Check the moving platen skate bases to make sure they run smoothly and keep the track clean.
F. Clean and apply anti-rust protection to the platens, and polish the surface if it is not smooth.

3. Hydraulical aspects:
A. Check the hydraulic oil annually or replace for new oil.
B. Make sure the oil color is transparent and odorless.
C. Clean the oil filter, replace the filter if deformed.
D. Check for oil leakage, if any assistance is needed please take a picture and send to FCS group so it can be analyzed.

4. Electrical aspects:
A. The power cable, ground wire and other electrical wires should be tightened. If the wires surfaces have defects or breaks, they should be replaced immediately.
B. Check that the electrical cabinet and the servo motor cooling fans are working properly. The fans and filters need to be cleaned.
C. Clean inside of the electrical cabinet with 2~3 bar compressed dry air.

5. Long term shutdown notice
A. Purge and clean the barrel set to avoid residual materials.
B. If material got jammed at feeding throat, turn off the power before cleaning.
C. If the mold is not removed, do not lock the clamping unit in a high pressure clamping state.(the elbow shall not straight)
D. Empty cooling water inside the cooler/mold.
E. Turn off the machine’s main power.

※For more details, please refer to the User’s Manual “Chapter 3 – maintenance instructions”.

Should you have any question or assistance is needed for maintenance, please feel free to contact with us, FCS will provide you with the best service! 
◎ Mr. Chun: + 886-934-050-360 

All FCS members wish you a Happy Lunar Chinese New Year.