Pallets - The basic industry for supporting the supply chain

Pallets play a small role in the supply chain, but are extensively used by a large number of manufacturers and shippers of commercial goods - the global pallet market reached a volume of 7.2 Billion Units in 2019.

Pallet Market Trend
The rising sales of smartphones, growing internet and e-commerce industry, spurred the demand for logistics services and strengthen the growth of the pallet market. Therefore, reducing cost per-trip, solid waste and improving operational efficiency are becoming important, and plastic pallets are getting popular because of their reusability and recyclability. In the United States, due to the government's import and export control regulations for wood pallets (ISPM-15), the demand for plastic pallets has increased year by year, and some imported products are even required to be replaced by plastic pallets at ports before they can be released.

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global pallet market infographic

The price of wooden pallets fluctuates with seasonal changes and supply sources, but the price of plastic pallets is relatively stable. In addition, plastic pallets are not easy to be parasitic by insects, and can be implanted RFID to facilitate the tracking of the entire  process. Therefore, for industries with high biological protection requirements, such as the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry will always choose plastic pallets or recycled plastic pallets.

FCS Green Mission
Plastic products have some critical advantages such as Easy producing, Lower cost, Reusability, and Light weight, hence plastics are widely used. However, the incorrect recycling concept and behavior are causing serious damage to the earth.

“Environment Friendly” is one of FCS missions (to know FCS CI),FCS decided to join the circular economy system – setup a green business unit in Batam, Indonesia - PT FCS RGP PLASTIC,for mainly recycling like PET bales washing/crushing, and making Recycled PET sheets, Recycled PET/PP/PE pelletizing, and Recycled PP/PE pallets.

Made in FCS - Recycled plastic pallets now available globally!
Join the green circular economy!
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Category of
Single Injection Pallet
Specification (mm)
Grid Picture Frame FRGWT-1111A  1100x1100x120
FRGWT-1111C  1100x1100x150
FRGWT-1210B  1200x1000x150
FRGWT-1210A  1200x1000x150
Grid Nine Leg FRGWJ-1111A  1100x1100x140
Flat Nine Leg FRGPJ-1210A   1200x1000x140
Grid Three Runner
FRGWC-1210B  1200x1000x150

grid picture frame plastic pallet
grid three runner base plastic pallet
flat nine leg plastic pallet
grid three runner base plastic pallet
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