New Scheme of Multi-color Injection - Application Trend of Large Bicolor (Bi-Material) Injection for Automotive Parts 【II】

Evolution trend of automobile parts:

1. Bicolor headlights
During four decades of development, headlights have gradually evolved from glass to glazing and from single color to bicolor. Also, rubber strips have been replaced by formed black frames and the forming method has also changed to bicolor ejection.

car headlight manufacturing

2. Form glazing

Glazing: A special formula of PC plastic used in car skylights, windows, roof and other parts. It has been used in European vehicles for many years. Glazing products use two-color or three-color molding technology and are characterized by light weight, high strength and modeling freedom superior to glass, which will set off another industrial revolution in automobile modeling and material application.

3. Metal plate glazing

Following the glazing of the protective rod, the metal plate will also develop towards glazing. As the weight of plastic fender is only half of that of metal, it will definitely be widely used.

metal plate glazing

New choice of FCS multi-color injection molding:HB-R horizontal rotating disk bicolor machine
The above-mentioned evolution trend of automobile components brings about the most direct challenges to the process and equipment. For example, the production of bicolor headlamps can only be produced one by one in the traditional vertical rotating disk ejector. Compared with the horizontal rotating disk ejector, which can produce one pair of headlamps at a time, the delivery time of the latter is twice as fast.


FCS Group currently masters the technology of “large two-plate horizontal rotating disk bicolor machine” with a maximum mold locking force of 1,900 tons, which is one of the few super-large bicolor machines at home and abroad. Such machine combines multiple technologies of large two-plate machine, bicolor machine, horizontal rotating disk, overlapping mold and servo energy saving to meet the needs of the domestic super-large bicolor machine market.
auto parts manufacturing machine
The traditional vertical rotating disk two-color machine is generally used in products and molds with a mold locking force less than 1,500 tons. When the product is of larger size, it will need higher mold locking force, and when the mold structure is relatively complex, the vertical rotating disk bicolor machine is limited. The adoption of horizontal rotating disk will avoid the inertia of vertical rotation and the influence of gravity, demonstrating obvious advantages. Therefore, this machine is especially suitable for large flat-screen TV frames, automobile interior and exterior decorations, automobile skylights, corner windows, car lampshades and other products.

In addition, if this model is applied to the production of single-color products, it will produce twice the output and greatly improve the benefits. It also shows great advantages when applied to deep cavity products.

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