ChinaPlas 2011 Preview

CHINAPLAS 2011 will be held during May/17~May/20 in Guangzhou. FCS will show some eagerest needed machines at this fair, including “A-PACK In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution”, “Two components injection molding machine: FB Series”, “New Energy-Saving Injection Molding Machine: HD-SV Series”, “High Speed Injection Molding Machine: AN Series”. 

1. A-Pack IML Turnkey Solution

The A-Pack IML Injecion Molding Machine Turnkey Solution could be applied to all kinds of beverage cup, such as milk, tea, coffee, juice, and water. This system not only keeps the advantages of stability, high speed, and energy saving, but also develops a muti-functional feeding module which can afford vacuum or static label absorbing up to customers’ requirements. The highlight is that the whole system gets CE certified and has a new appearance which completely suits European market requirement. A-PACK IML Solution consists of 4 components including AF-200, a hi-speed hybrid close loop injection molding machine, 4 cavities hot-runner mold, new label feeding system and product taking system, and labels for IML process. This system could increase the production efficiency and decrease the cost, for example, the round cup for showing is taking around 5 sec of cycle time, and the throughput could be around 2 million per month.

2. Two Components-Servo Power Saving Injection Molding Machine:FB-SV Series

FB-SV series employ the single-cylinder injection structure and assures stability of the machine. It adopts Japanese high efficiency motor and pump control technology. Under ideal situation, the energy saving could be 40% better than various pump and even 70%~80% better than traditional pump. It assembles patented locking systems to assure the rotary table turning to accurate position. This series are suitable for producing all kinds of two components goods and its maximum clamping force can reach 1420 tons. This series can be equipped with closed loop serve valve (optional). It has high response and high repeatability. FB-SV series are suitable for mobile-phone parts, tool handles, pens, auto lamp cover, etc.

3. HD-SV series

This is a new system that FCS developed for energy saving. It accomplishes high energy saving, high precise, high response, low noise, and easy to be controlled. Since the motor only works when necessary, it won’t create extra heat and that will lower the oil temperature. In addition, the hydraulic oil even doesn’t need to use extra power to cool down, and all of these help the machine to save more energy. The machine also adopts highly sensitive pressure feedback equipment, and the close loop design helps the machine move more precisely and stably.

4. AN series

AN Series High-speed/Close-loop Hybrid Injection Molding Machine, using the new structure of ESD (Electric Screw Driver) as its injection unit, is an economical machine and can orient precisely. It can save as much as 35% of energy while its max injection speed can reach as much as 700mm/sec. Thus, this type is suitable for the productions of electric products and thin-wall products.

FCS is the Taiwanese largest and significant manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines founded in 1974. Our dedication to quality is highlighted by the fact that we were the first company in the IMM industry to obtain the CE mark and ISO9001 certification. We were also awarded with the "It's Very Well Made In Taiwan" certification in many years. FCS is also publicly traded professional injection molding machine manufacture on the Over-the-Counter Securities Exchange in Taiwan. So far, there are three factories located respectively at Tainan Taiwan and Dongguan, Ningbo China. The annual turnover of the whole group is USD80 million. More than 30 service centers at different countries are 24 hours stand-by to serve customers all over the world. The clamping force of our production line includes 30~3700 tons.

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