TAIPEI PLAS 2012 PREVIEW (Sep 21~Sep 25)

Taipei PLAS 2012 will be held in Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Nangang Exhibition Hall during Sep. 21 to Sep. 25. In 2012 Taipei PLAS, FCS will focus on the energy saving and environmental protection issue. We display the latest molding solutions, launch our complete machines through this opportunity, including ”High efficiency injection molding system” and “Two platen hydra-mech injection molding machine”. Each unit has its own special features, not only reflects the market requests and trend of the industrial development for energy saving and environmental protection, but also represents FCS’ R&D ability to system integrations.

1.High Efficiency Molding System (HT-SV Series)
"Beyond customer’s expectations” is the DNA of FCS. This system is based on New HT-150SV, in this show, it automatically produces fine and thick-wall PMMA products - iPhone Holder. The “iPhone Holder” is produced by one cavity within 120 seconds cycle time and weights 135 grams. The most common problem of molding high transparency PMMA thick-wall products such as etiolation, bubbles, spots, silver streaks…etc. will be completely overcome by FCS unique design and adjustments of the lead screw and the auxiliary “hungry feeder” technology from Japan. In addition, products with longer cycle time needs particular studies on energy efficiency, and FCS has mature technology on servo energy-saving for many years. Therefore, FCS has fully enhanced the benefits in this system via the energy-saving technology. Moreover, this new HT-150SV machine will also be involved in Government’s value-added plan of mechanical appearance aesthetic. The system with a brand-new modeling will have her debut and cause a sensation in Taipeiplas show.

2.Two platen hydra-mech injection molding machine (LM series) 
FCS integrated European technologies, and successfully developed giant two platen hydra-mech injection molding machines (LM series) which clamping forces were more than 1,700 tons in 2006. The particular feature is without third platen (adjustment of mold), so the machine needs smaller spaces than the traditional one about 20%~30%. Otherwise, the ultra long mold clamping strokes and the huge capacity makes the machine suitable to produce more kinds of products or barrel products with deep depth. The mould-clamping unit is different from toggle mechanism. No toggle structures needed for the LM series, and thus no lubrications are needed. Therefore, the maintaining cost and pollutions will be lower. Owing to the mold opening speed is fast and then the molding cycle time will be reduced. From the foregoing advantages, there will be a kind of trend that this two platen injection molding machine will not only replace traditional types but also getting small and medium-sized.
FCS had successfully developed 850 tons of two platen machines and sold to TATA group of India in 2010. The Taipei Plas will show the exquisite kid’s chair, 1 cavity per mould and weight 1.2kg, which is automatically produced by LM-850 series with Energy-saving servo system. 

In addition, FCS also positively expects market demands for large multi-component machines with clamping force over 1,000 tons. The multi-component type machines of FCS are well known in overseas markets. The 1,420 tons type of machine has been successfully developed, now FCS launch the new developed Large horizontal rotary table two-component molding machine (HB-1900R series). This machine not only solves the limitation of traditional two-component IMM, there will be more widely applications for huge single or multi-component product industries such as for vehicles, constructions and aerospace. In Taipeiplas, FCS will also have a special area to display the application and introduction of HB-R series.

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