TAIPEI PLAS 2014 PREVIEW (Sep 26~Sep 30)

FCS will see you in Taipei Plas 2014, sincerely welcome you to visit our stand!
Location:TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall
Date:Sep 26~Sep 30
At the end of September in Taipeiplas 2014, FCS will focus on the theme of energy-saving innovation, launching a new design of Two-platen & two-component IMM, and New Hybrid Electric IMM. These models content not only highly technical and innovative concept, but also follow the development trend of industry and the market demands of energy saving, showing a high degree of FCS Group specializes in systems integration capability and innovation development.

Since 2012, FCS successfully developed HB-R series: “High tonnage two-platen two-component IMM”, and its clamping force up to 1,900 ton. This is one of few huge two-component IMMs in the world. This machine combines two-platen, two-component, horizontal rotary table and servo power-saving system; it basically fits the blank market of huge two component IMM. For Taipeiplas 2014, FCS specifically develops a smaller model HB-350R, let the buyers to experience the charm of this series on FCS booth. Although the clamping force of this machine is only 350 tons, it’s enough to cover the capacity of a 1,000 tons traditional two-component IMM. It also has the following multiple features:
*Rotary table is horizontal type, there are no obvious gravity problem and mechanical limit. This eliminates the abrasion caused by the mass of vertical rotary table and unsmooth rotation, it allows the mass production of huge 2 components product.
*Injection unit is horizontal type, equipping with horizontal rotary table. Comparing to the vertical one, the mold could be larger and designed for longer slide on the condition of the same tie bar distance. 
*Clamping unit with two platens, it not only saves space, but also satisfies the production demand of huge two components mold. 
*Equip with Germany servo system to reach higher energy efficiency.
*Suitable for the two component product, such as the cover of huge home appliance, sunroof and car lamps.
*This model is for both single and double component to increase the efficiency.

Another model to be displayed in Taipeiplas 2014 is a new generation Hybrid Electric IMM. It contents KEBA controller from Austria and KNÖDLER gear motors from Germany, builds a three-axis servo power driving technology of injection, charging, and clamping, which achieves high accuracy, high stability, multi-axis motion, and energy-saving molding needs. In addition, the appearance of this model’s shielding design still insists both aesthetics and human ergonomics concept, and is going to contend the Design Award of Taipeiplas 2014, to create head-line news again.

Over 40 years of technology accumulation and precipitation, the overall performance of FCS machines have reached high stability. Meanwhile, FCS can offer the optimized design and differentiated features to meet customer needs for the product characteristics of each specific industry. The above new released models not only meet the customer’s demand but also reinforce the competiveness of FCS IMM. FCS continues to innovate and assist our customer to have leading position in competitive market.

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