NTD 2 Billion Joint Credit Project Coordinated and Organized by Mega International Commercial Bank for Leading Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) Competed

FCS's NTD 2 billion collaborative credit initiative, orchestrated under the guidance of Mega International Commercial Bank acting as the leading management bank, reached successful completion with the signing ceremony conducted on August 8, 2023. Presided over by Kuang-Hua Hu, President of Mega International Commercial Bank, and FCS's Chairman, Po Hsun Wang, the event marked a significant milestone.

Picture: The 2 billion yuan joint credit project of FCS Precision Industry Co., Ltd., organized by Mega Bank and acting as the management bank, held a signing ceremony yesterday, represented by Hu Guanghua, general manager of Mega Bank (right) and Po Hsun Wang (left), chairman of FCS sign a contract.

This collaborative loan project not only incorporates FCS's pertinent ESG indicators into the credit extension criteria, but also encourages the company to proactively realize its ESG objectives. This alignment promotes the pursuit of sustainable development. In alignment with the ESG Sustainability Initiative, FCS also committed to the "Declaration on Sustainable Development" during the ceremony, signifying a joint effort to drive climate improvement, environmental change, and industry-wide progress toward a more sustainable future.

Picture: Chairman of FCS Po Hsun Wang signed the declaration of sustainable development

The funds from this joint loan project are earmarked for FCS to settle its financial institution debts, enhance working capital, and issue secured corporate bonds within Taiwan. Mega International Commercial Bank leads the coordination and organization, while Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, First Commercial Bank, and Land Bank of Taiwan co-participate. The involvement extends to peers such as E.SUN Commercial Bank, Bank SinoPac, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Cathay United Bank, and Bank of Taiwan. The oversubscription rate of 1.71 underscores the banking consortium's endorsement of FCS's management team and their confidence in the company's prospective growth trajectory.

Being the foremost and renowned plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, FCS has maintained its presence for almost fifty years. The "FCS" brand, associated with its own line of products, has found a market both domestically and internationally. The brand's products have won the Taiwan Quality Award and the Research, Development, and Innovation Excellence Award. Furthermore, they have obtained numerous international certifications. Notably, FCS stands out as one of the industry's select manufacturers capable of producing injection molding machines exceeding 4,000 tons. Bolstered by heightened demand from sectors such as automotive components, sports, and everyday commodities, FCS achieved a nearly five-year pinnacle in profits in 2022. FCS has been proactive in exploring eco-friendly alternative materials and pioneering new molding technologies, thereby optimizing its product sales assortment. Moreover, the initiation of trial production at its Indian and new Hangzhou Bay facilities adds to this positive trajectory. With the impetus provided by new orders and expanded production capabilities, FCS is poised for sustained growth in its overall operational profits.