Light-weight Bicycle and Diversified Accessories, Rise of the Intelligent Era of FCS injection molding

The European Union set a goal of reducing carbon emission by 40% to abate the climate anomalies resulted from global warming. Most car manufacturers are turning to the development trend of lightweight, and the bicycle and electric vehicle industries have particularly made significant progress. In general, steel accounts for over 70% of the raw materials for automobile manufacturing. According to the statistics report from Nomura Research Institute, the proportion of steel used is expected to drop to 62% in 2025, as a higher proportion of composite plastics and carbon fiber will be to reduce the weights of the car body and the interior. Not only the traditional car manufacturers are following this market trend, the government is also vigorously supporting the electric vehicle industry and the bicycle industry, which are both important driving force for the lightweight development. 

With more than 48 years of experience in research and development of plastic injection molding machine, FCS can meet customers' various product needs and stable production quality. The Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine and Two-Component Injection Molding Machine have attracted much attention, and are widely used in the bicycle, electric vehicle, and automobile industries, etc. FCS also provides one-stop service for the whole plant planning, which could double the manufacturing effectiveness. 

Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA series)
Following the trend of fine production, manufacturers have more rigorous requirements for the injection molding machine in terms of energy saving, cleanliness and high efficiency. FCS Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA series) is a high-end model in the servo hydraulic category. It is equipped with updated injection unit and clamping unit, which allow it to product a variety of products with stable quality. At the same time, it also provides differentiated technology integration and services according to the product characteristics of various industries. It can be widely used in the production of monochrome bicycle accessories (pedals, helmets, etc.), electronic products, and even thin-walled food containers
Photo/ Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA series)     Photo/ Bicycle Pedal
In addition to the single-component machine with outstanding performance, FCS is also internationally renowned for the multi-component injection molding technology which was researched and improved for more than 38 years, and is now a preferred brand in Greater China. These include Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-R series), Rotary Shaft Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-T series) and Sandwich / Interval Injection Molding Machine (FB-C series). The multi-component injection molding machine developed from two-component injection molding machine to four-component injection molding machine, with the changes in the vertical and the horizontal rotary tables. The machine series covers the clamping forces in the range of 100~1900 tons, with improved precision of the injection process and expanded related applications. It has up to five injection forms, from which 19 configurations are derived. The market has been validated from the sale of more than 5,000 units.  
Photo/ 5 injection forms of FCS two-component injection molding machine
Photo/ Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-R series)

The FCS two-component injection molding machine is equipped with specific molds and forms two-component products in one step or multi-steps according to the injection molding process. It can customize the products according to various industrial characteristics, product complexity or different materials. Alternatively, it applies MuCell micro-foaming injection molding system to achieve lightweight and energy saving, and the carbon macro-fiber injection process to strengthen the rigidity and resilient of the finished products, making the products more flexible, more diversified and with high added value. 
Photo/ Two-color Handles for Children's Bicycles  Photo/ Mixed-color Multicolor interval Bicycle Pedals

MuCell Micro Foaming Injection Molding System
Apart from using alternative materials to achieve lightweight, new technologies were applied to reduce the amount of the original raw materials, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. The new technologies are attracting more and more attention. Among them, the micro MuCell foaming injection molding is an important development. FCS provides customers with advanced key processing technology. The injection molding machine is equipped with MuCell exclusive screws and gas injection device, adding features that are more advantageous for customers, such as reduced injection pressure and clamping force, lightweight of plastic parts, low energy consumption during production, or shortened molding cycle. 
             Photo/ Mixed-color Multicolor / Two-color Shoe Soles and Accessories

iMF 4.0 intelligent ManuFactory System 
As a leader in the injection molding technology, FCS creates technological solutions for customers ahead of time. It has launched the iMF 4.0 intelligent ManuFactory system since 2017, which is installed on the injection molding machine and interconnects with surrounding information to adjust and control the quality parameters autonomously. The injection molding machine applies smart sensor module to improve product yield, reduce production waste, and initiate warning through the engineering monitoring and feedback function to avoid losses due to unexpected downtime. FCS is seizing the "smart" manufacturing opportunities for the clients. 
Photo/ iMF 4.0 intelligent ManuFactory System Architecture