K SHOW 2016 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at K SHOW 2016.

Location:Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre
Booth:Hall 12, B11


The 8-day K SHOW (hereinafter referred to as K2016), the biggest exhibition in the world and known as the industry trend indicator, will kick off from Oct.19th to 26th.

The K SHOW is held every three years, which brings together all kinds of products and services including machines, equipments, raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, industrial components and reinforced plastics, etc. Located in Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre with 19 halls and nearly 170,000 square meters, this year’s show is expected to attract over 3,000 exhibitors and world elites showcasing the trend-leading products, processes and practical solutions in the plastics and rubber industry.

This year, 5 key themes namely- Resource Efficiency, Plastic Industry 4.0, New Materials, Lightweight Engineering and Additive Manufacturing(3DPT) are to exhibit. Nowadays, Resource Efficiency is a hot topic, and global enterprises are mustering their efforts to cater to this trend. FCS Group (FCS) also conforms to these issues to launch “Servo Power-Saving IMM” and “Servo Power-Saving Two- Component IMM(FB-160RV)”. They not only show the innovation, swiftness and vitality of FCS, but also integrate green energy technology and highly customizable systems integration concept to offer customers the best solution.

1. Servo Power-Saving System: SD-SV Series
The “SD-SV series” is FCS’s Standard Universal Servo Energy-Saving injection molding machines series and is integrated with its new, All-in-One "Function, Quality, Appearance" Trinity machine, the SD-150SV. In addition, with combining European technology and looking after environmental demands and industry trends, it saves energy applications to the extreme. FCS will be displaying SD-150SV with European robot automatically producing assortment box.

*By adopting effective Delta servo power-saving system and German pump-switching control technology, the power saving effect achieves up 70% to 80%.
*New appearance design has considered not only aesthetic but also ergonomics and operation safety to improve its protective capabilities and ensure the operator’s safety. Furthermore, it is certified by European CE.
*It can be easily applied on numerous product areas such as Household decors, food containers or even car parts. That is why SD-SV has always been a regular winner on FCS’s sales charts.

2. Precise Energy-Saving Multi-Component Molding System: FB-RV Series
FCS is the first company which research and develop the two component injection molding in Taiwan. And in the field of two-color injection molding, FCS Group has been leading the developing direction of the industry by its advanced technology. FCS will be showing the new design servo power-saving two-component injection molding machine: FB-160RV, and with the precision brush mold, to display the high precision, high speed and high stability molding technology.

*Rotary table controlled by a servo motor for a shortens rotary time of more than 50% with more stable rotary speed switch and more precise positioning.
*Adopts a high efficiency double servo power system which has a first grade certification for national power saving standards (≦0.40kw h/kg).
*Has an accurate rotary positioning clamper, to protect the mold.
*It designed two sets of core equipment on the rotary table and also consist of cooling system in the molds.
*With a maximum clamping force of 1,900 tons, this machine has been widely applied to cell phone keyboard, tool handles, pen-making, car lamp and household appliances.

This time advancing continental, FCS will not only represent Taiwan to appear in the international arena, but also enhance the exposure and visibility of Taiwan brand in Europe. Moreover, its bright appearance and price/performance ratio could show the innovative R&D expertise of FCS. To face the most challenging requirement of the efficient-energy and efficient-resource product, FCS will exhibit new product and service in booth- Hall12, B11.

You are sincerely welcome to visit our booth at K SHOW 2016!

Contact: Mr. John Hsieh (Sales Director)
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