How does FCS IMM take care of the windows to your soul?

The eyes are “the windows to the soul”. Our eyes could replace the words to express various of emotions. However, the modern life and technology have forced people staring at smartphones or computer screens all the time, and women often use contact lens and eye makeup, coupled with the work pressure, seasons changing, and air pollution, more and more people have high intraocular pressure or dry eye syndrome (DES). Therefore, some people choose to use eye drops or "eye wash" to relieve the eye discomfort.
Since the eye wash cup directly touches the delicate skin around the eyes, it needs to be comfortable, safe and fit the eye area. Therefore, more and more manufacturers use multi-component injection molding technology to produce eye wash cups with soft and hard combined material. FCS multi-component (rotary table) injection molding machine (FB-R series) has been developed over 35 years, is the top choice of dual-color, multi-color, and multi-component. It is widely applied in medical devices, auto parts, and houseware industries etc.
Real Cases

Eye Wash Cup – China:
Shi Ya plastic products company was established in 2017 in Zhejiang, manufacturing glasses cases, contact lens accessories, household appliances, and automotive parts. It uses FCS eye wash cup making machine (FB-230R) to produce two color plastic eye wash cups with PP+TPE material, in a 8-cavity mold with 40 seconds per cycle.
Machine model: FB-R series (Eye wash cup machine), Clamping force 230 tons.
Screw diameter:  A: 30 mm、B: 28mm
Product weight: 6.2g/pc (PP 4.1g、TPE 2.1g)
>> Application in medical appliance 
In the field of injection molding machine for 45 years, FCS has great resources and professional technology in R&D, to create the best solution for customers. FCS two color injection molding machine has been widely recognized and praised in the plastic industry. As of the end of 2019, the cumulative sales volume of two color injection molding machines has reached 5,000 sets, and the sales amount has exceeded USD 350 million, and continues to build the leading edge for clients.