How to Choose a Horizontal Injection Molding Machine ?

To make a plastic product which would satisfy the expectations of consumers, the suitable production process cannot be ignored. Generally, customers in injection molding industries for years are equipped to judge and select by themselves suitable injection molding machines that fit them. But under certain circumstances, customers may need the assistance of the manufacturer to decide which specifications will meet their needs.

Sometimes, they may ask if the machines of the manufacturer could produce the products they have in mind, which they merely have a concept or sample, or they would ask which model is suitable. Also, some of the products may need special devices, such as accumulator, close loop, injection compression to match with the selected unit to manufacture their products efficiently. Hence, it is of vital importance in determining what type / model of machine will serve their needs best. The following are information for your reference in making a decision. 

Horizontal VS Vertical Injection Molding

The Injection Molding can be generally separated into two types by opening and closing direction of the mold clamping unit:horizontal and vertical. Both Vertical and Horizontal Injection Molding operate in the same manner, injection molten resin into an injection mold, hold the mold together to allow the part to harden, open the mold and then eject the parts.

Most common type of injection molding machine in the market

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine is considered to be the most common machine in the market. Most of the injection molding machines are horizontal type and ideal for cylindrical parts and used for higher-volume production runs. FCS is the leading manufacturer of Horizontal Injection Molding Machines. On the contrary, vertical type is suitable for small inserting products.

Difference between horizontal injection molding and vertical injection molding

Horizontal injection molding machines with a low center of gravity, easy to operate and maintain, and develop automation systems. Until now, FCS produces wide range of horizontal injection molding machines, covering clamping force from 30 tons to 4,000 tons.

Vertical injection molding machines are characterized by a small footprint, easy to place. but the product needs to be removed by hand after ejection, which is not easy to realize automatic operation. And the vertical injection molding machine is only suitable for producing small plastic parts.
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7 Steps to Select a Right Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

Now,let’s take a closer look at Horizontal Injection Molding Machines. Generally, the main factors that affect the selection of horizontal injection molding machines include : molds, products, plastic material, molding requirement, etc. Therefore, before proceeding with the selection, the following information must be collected first:

•Mold size (width, height, thickness), weight and special design.
•Type and quantity of plastic materials to be used (single or multiple materials).
•The outer dimensions of the products (length, width, height and thickness) and their weight.
•Molding requirements, such as quality, manufacturing speed, etc.

After obtaining the above information, follow the following steps to select a suitable injection molding machine:

1.Select the right one:

Choose the most suitable series/type/collection per your products and materials.


Based on the dimensions of mold, determine whether the tie bar spacing, mold thickness, min. mold dimension, and mold plate dimensions are suitable or not, to confirm that the machine can accommodate the mold.


Based on the mold and product, determine whether the Mold Opening Stroke and Ejecting Stroke allow the product to be retrieved.


Determine the mold clamping force based on the product and plastic material.

5.Sufficient Injection:

Determine the volume of injection from the weight of products and number of mold cavities, and select suitable screw diameter.

6.Well injection:

Determine the “screw compression ratio” and “injection pressure” from the plastic materials.

7.Quick injection:

Checking the injection rate and injection velocity.


Horizontal Injection Molding Machines Manufacturer

In the plastic field of injection molding machines for 45 years, FCS has a great database and professional technology in R&D. FCS provides full ranges of horizontal injection molding machines, including single injection molding, multi injection molding, special material injection molding and turnkey service to assist customers to break the bottleneck of production and find the better injection molding solutions.