How did FCS achieve a record high annual sales for multi-component injection molding machines?

FCS multi-component injection molding machine sales reach record high

In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has been developing well. As an important plastic machinery, the injection molding machine occupies a leading position, with the output value accounting for about 40%. With the development of injection molding industry technology, multi-component injection molding technology has gradually been widely used, and FCS is famous for its special two-component injection molding machine in the industry. 

In 2021, the annual sales of multi-component injection molding machines of FCS Group reached a record high, with the annual sales volume exceeding USD 80 million, the annual sales quantity exceeding 600 units, and the clamping force reaching 267,400 tons. 

Development of multi-component injection molding machines

Multi-component injection molding machines were originally represented by two-component injection molding machines (i.e., the term "two-component injection molding machine" is commonly used in the industry), which were originally developed by German enterprises in the 1960s. However, in order to overcome the high price of imported two-component injection molding machines, FCS has started to develop two-component injection molding machines since the 1980s. Up to now, it has 38 years of production experience in two-component injection molding machines and has a high reputation in the industry. 

The precision two-component injection molding machines developed by FCS, including rotary table two-component injection molding machine, rotary shaft two-component injection molding machine, all-electric two-component injection molding machine, sandwich two-component injection molding machine, and interval two-component injection molding machine, have passed the rigorous test and practical verification in the market, and have formed 4 series of more than 30 kinds of specifications, with the clamping force ranging from 135 tons to 1,900 tons. They are widely used in many popular industries, such as automotive parts, electronics, home appliances, stationery, daily necessities, and cosmetics. In addition to the well-known new energy vehicle enterprises in Taiwan, FCS has also been favored by many Japanese-funded enterprises and European and American enterprises. 

Photo/ Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (HB-R Series)

In recent years, FCS has made continuous progress in multi-component injection molding technology. In addition to serving as the drafting unit of multi-component plastic injection molding machine industry group standard, the large opposite injection molding machine (HB-1900R) developed by FCS has also been recognized as the first product in the key field of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province, China. With the breakthrough and innovation in the appearance of new energy vehicles and the improvement of two-component application technology for electronic and medical products, the trend of large-scale and precision of two-component injection molding machines is apparent. FCS launched the all-electric multi-component injection molding machine and 1st large horizontal rotary table 2K injection molding machine with electric-driven injection unit to meet the market demand in time. Customers prefer the multi-component injection molding machines provided by FCS due to the high reliability, high yield rate, and high customization. 

Photo/ All-Electric Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (CT-R series)

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, the cumulative shipment of multi-component injection molding machines of FCS Group has exceeded 6,000 units, and the sales amount has exceeded USD 528 million. Among them, the cumulative shipment of large multi-component injection molding machines and ultra-large opposite injection molding machines with a clamping force of more than 700 tons has exceeded 450 units. 

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