Family Day

Did you ever wondered how your family looked like while working? Do you ask yourself whether they express themselves the same way as if they’re at home or are they seriously focused on work? What kind of environment are they in? These are the questions we’d like to answer during FCS Group’s FAMILY Day!

On the dawn of the 19th of September, while people were still having their sweetest dreams, the Welfare Committee were already up on their feet in FCS to treat our esteemed guests - FCS colleagues and their families. In order to let their loved ones experience the working environment of their families, gain a better understanding on how they undergo their fruits of labor, narrow the gap between each other, and promote camaraderie and loyalty among colleagues, FCS held its first FAMILY Day on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Deputy CEO, Mr. Alan Wang, delivered a speech to thank not only the efforts our colleagues who devoted their time, but also the outstanding support of their families. They hope that with this event our colleagues would continue to support FCS and encourage better performance and achievements.

The day’s activities included a factory tour, a buffet for everyone, carnival games and a raffle. The day kicked-off with a factory tour, which catered to 230 guests accompanied by 60 of our colleagues, to embark on a journey and understand how they work. They not only see how the machines are operated by their families, but also they gained a better understanding of how close injection molding technology is in our life. Furthermore, they get to experience and learn through the D.I.Y activity of building a toy sheep. With this activity, FCS gained the hearts of their employees’ families as well as a sense of pride and self-fulfillment.

After the factory tour, everybody were directed to the Chuang Xing building to enjoy a sumptuous European lunch. While having lunch, the guests were also invited to play in several booths which held some carnival games. Everyone were so immersed with the activities and were showing vitality, passion, and enthusiasm. The families were very cooperative as they enjoyed the activities together. As the day near its end, the most anticipated raffle draw was held as the icing on the cake. At the end of the day, the prize of the lucky draw is a major highlight of "Family Day".

The Family Day was generally held to showcase ourselves to the community, on the other hand however, it became a festival to reunite with families and a platform for our colleagues to communicate with each other as well as with their families. After the activity, several families expressed their gratitude for being invited to this meaningful activity and for giving the chance to understand their loved ones’ work and how they do it. This event left a deep impression on their families as they saw how big and clean the company is. One of the guests even said, “To know that our family member works in this kind of company and is making an effort to improve the industry, it makes us feel proud”.