FCS won the Ningbo Hefeng Industrial Design Award

During the 2019 Ningbo Industrial Design Week, the ceremony of Ningbo Industrial Design's best honor-"Hefeng Industrial Design Award " was rounded off. As one of the most influential industrial design competitions in China, Hefeng Industrial Design Award has been a large stage in Ningbo for displaying their own outstanding, talent and innovative design products. Among them, FCS won this "Best Design Product - Silver Award".

FCS won the Ningbo Hefeng Industrial Design Award FCS won the Ningbo Hefeng Industrial Design Award

Photo: FCS Ningbo was awarded a commemorative coin and trophy of "Best Design Product Silver Award".

The awarded product " Rotary Shaft Three-Component Injection Molding Machine " is a kind of multi-component injection molding machines. It achieves the same advanced level of overseas such as European or Japanese products. It has been adopted successfully by Colgate Sanxiao company in China and through the implementation of this project, the key technology of multi-component and multiple common molding is effectively achieved. In addition to the daily necessities such as toothbrushes and razors, it can also be further applied to the field of household appliances and automotive decoration. It is great significance for improving the level of injection molding technology in China, reducing the manufacturing costs of downstream manufacturers, and replacing import from overseas.

FCS_Ningbo Hefeng Industrial Design Award_Rotary Shaft Three-Component Injection Molding MachineThe product is innovatively added a rotary table mechanism at the movable platen in order to achieve multi-color injection; the rotary table device is driven by a two-way oil cylinder, which saves time and efforts for adjustment, and could enhance production efficiency; the rotary movement shifting axis has a built-in water-cooling system and the cooling effect on mold is good; adopting the intelligent terminal electronic control system PID technology to enhance the pressure during injection molding and flowing response, then refine the machine performance and the injection accuracy.

" Rotary Shaft Three-Component Injection Molding Machine " has been recognized by customers and applied to many users since it launched to the market, and it has accumulatively realized the revenue of more than USD 4 million and gained the economic benefits. It is worth mentioning that the representative customer Colgate Sanxiao, which used this machine to produce two-color/three-color toothbrush handles with multi-cavity molds, and won the "You can make" award in Colgate. Nowadays, FCS has reached a long-term strategic partnership with Colgate Sanxiao China. 

Innovation could promote the company turning towards the high-quality direction and continuously inject energy into the enterprise. As one of the pioneers in the plastics manufacturing industry, FCS can use innovative design to create more high value-added products to improve corporate brand value, attract the attention from customers and provide with excellent solutions. In the future, FCS will insist on bringing forth new ideas, enhance the strength of technical development to advance the creative capability and product’s competitive force. FCS pays attention on client’s requirement and provides high-quality services and products.