Good News! FCS won the Top 10 Comprehensive Strength Enterprises of Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Industry of Ningbo City in 2020!

The 5th Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association successfully held the 4th general meeting on March 12. Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) was awarded as one of the Top Ten Enterprises of Comprehensive Strength in Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Industry of Ningbo City in 2020 and one of the Outstanding Anti-pandemic Enterprises in 2020, according to the result of outstanding enterprise election in 2020 held by China Plastics Machinery Industry Association.

FCS was awarded as the Top 10 Comprehensive Strength EnterprisesPhoto: FCS was awarded as the Top 10 Comprehensive Strength Enterprises

FCS was awarded as the Outstanding Anti-pandemic EnterprisesPhoto: FCS was awarded as the Outstanding Anti-pandemic Enterprises

During the global outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, FCS carried out an orderly resumption of work and production, and set up an pandemic decision team to allocate and distribute protective equipment to ensure the safety of employees. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, FCS made every effort to shorten the delivery of orders and, by working together with the manufacturers of epidemic prevention and control materials, provided the system to produce once-forming medical atomizer masks and the servo power-saving injection molding machines during the outbreak of COVID-19 to produce safety goggles to support the fight against the pandemic.

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In the national economic downturn during the epidemic, FCS took the crisis as the motivation and constantly developed innovative product technologies to improve product quality, which drove the sales of products to a rise against the trend while supporting the epidemic fight at the same time. FCS, with its unremitting efforts and enterprising attitude, showed the public the charm of the company!


In recent years, FCS has been increasing investment in research and developing new products and supporting equipment. It devotes itself to cross-sector injection machines, and provides customers with a full range of injection industry solutions. These measures it has been taking not only bring benefits for customers but also improve the company’s output value and profit, realizing the true mutual win between the company and its users. In the future, FCS will make more efforts on new technologies, and will be committed to the delivery of higher-quality products to the industry and customers.

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