FCS seizes the 5G market with intelligent injection solutions

Following the heated topic of Metaverse, the promotion of 5G technology is the general trend. By virtue of the characteristics of a high speed and low delay of 5G, many smartphone brands are gearing up to seize this new business opportunity. 

Smartphones are constantly innovating, and the world pursues faster and more convenient technology products which require higher signal transmission. This market demand is directly reflected on the global first-line smartphone brands. The defect of signal shielding by metal backplane has become its development obstruction. While glass/ceramics/plastics are the three main raw materials, research shows that plastics account for the largest proportion among the three and continue to grow. At present, plastic shells used in smartphones are mainly divided into the composite cover plate (PC/PMMA) and transparent PC injection. 

FCS announced the theme of “Smart Injection Molding Upgrades the Electronics Industry” at its global product launch in English, focusing on the material change driven by the 5G trend, the application advantages and challenges of plastics in the electronic industry. It also showed the successful cases of two models in the electronic industry, All-Electric Two-Component Injection Molding Machines (CT-R Series) and Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machines (FB-R Series). 5G not only affects changes in components but also changes its application materials, such as composite plates, electromagnetic shielding materials, and thermally conductive materials. 

Plastic molded products of electronic products are widely used in daily life, such as headphones, computer peripherals, printers, and business machine parts, which are all fields that can apply plastic injection molding machines. The practical applications of FCS in the electronic industry include LCD back panel and ear headset; and parts of laptop like LCD bezel, palm rest, top cover, bottom cover, anti-slip foot, light guide of laptop button, and ultra-thin two-component keycaps loved by e-sports keyboard users


This global product launch attracted potential buyers from 17 countries, covering various plastic and rubber manufacturing industries, such as electronic/computer peripheral productsautomobile manufacturingfootwear industryfood packaging industry, and bottled water. Taiwan's audience accounted for 40% of the viewers, followed by India and the Philippines.

More details: FCS takes the lead in occupying the global prosperous 5G market 

FCS has been established for more than 40 years and has five production bases in the world, including Taiwan, Ningbo, Dongguan, and India. It conducts sales around the globe, and its cumulative sales of injection molding machines have reached 46,850 units. To help customers cope with the trend of Industry 4.0, FCS developed and launched the Industry 4.0 solution for injection molding since 2017, which is the "iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System". We are committed to providing customers with the best injection molding solutions to help customers solve production problems and hope to shape a better world with customers and create good results together!