FCS shows smart technology in TAIMOLD 2020

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, all public exhibitions in various countries have been postponed for even one year. Fortunately, FCS will be attending TAIMOLD in Taipei from August 19th to 22nd. In conjunction with industry 4.0 global hot topics, it will exhibit the best sale machine of 2020 with featuring of "precise, energy-saving, smart, and clean", to provide solutions for various industries and help customers become the "smart" manufacturers.

All Electric Injection Molding Machine - CT-80e

FCS new launched CT-e All Electric Injection Molding Machine takes the advantages of high efficiency, high stability, and energy saving to be hot sold over 40 sets since last domestic show in July. And the sales volume has exceeded 60% of the amount last year.

CT-e European servo system and the extreme motion control technology make injection accuracy up to 0.01mm and material charging speed control accuracy reaches ±0.5rpm. Mold adjusting adopts closed-loop servo valve for faster and precise operation. Intelligent mold clamp low-pressure protection, reduce the risk of mold crush. In TAIMOLD you will see FCS CT-80e with 80 tonf of clamping force producing 2 cavities Fresnel lens in 15 seconds, showing the application of optical, medical and packaging industries. 

iMF 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Plant
FCS creates advanced technology solutions for customers and launched the iMF 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Plant System since 2017. Such a system is mounted on the injection molding machine and can independently adjust and control quality parameters based on the surrounding information. It uses intelligent sensing modules to improve product yield and reduce production waste. Through engineering monitoring and feedback suggestions, it can achieve advanced warning and avoid accidental shutdown losses, thus seizing the "intelligent" manufacturing opportunities for customers.

In TAIMOLD, FCS also shows the iMF 4.0 (intelligent ManuFactory) which is a smart production management system that will be linked to CT-80e all electric injection machine in order to extract data and values about the molding parameters, quality control, auxiliary equipment and reuse them afterwards.

The iMF 4.0 system is based on the cycle time management and introduces the concept of mold management, machine management and material management, and OPC international communication protocol to achieve instant display of overall equipment efficiency information and abnormal message statistics. It can be used regardless of the brand of the injection machine, so that the production manager can promptly grasp the production status and rapidly achieve the purpose of abnormal production countermeasures. 

Welcome to visit FCS (Q524) in TAIMOLD show.

Exhibition info:https://www.fcs.com.tw/en/news-TAIMOLD-2020-AUG19-AUG22.html

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