FCS released clamping force 1,900 ton 2K IMM

Since the first generation of two-component IMM was developed in 1984, FCS has sold over 2,700 sets within 28 years. Especially, the IMM of more than 1,000 ton have been sold over 50 sets. The popularity and reputation of this machine reaches a great level and sets the best record in this industry. FCS’ two-component IMM are broadly used in various industries, such as 3C, auto parts, packing and house wares. The functionality and quality have reached steady level under customer’s request and advanced development. In order to satisfy the customer’s requirement and maintain the higher C/P value, FCS two-component IMM offers the diversified function for different industry, such as: rotary table, rotary axis, 3 components, 4 components, dual injection and mixed color. This makes the customer keep ordering FCS’ two-component IMM. 

In order to increase the advantage of two-component IMM, FCS develops “high tonnage two-platen two-component IMM” and it was successfully released in Chinaplas 2012. This is HB-1900R whose clamping force up to 1,900 ton. This is one of few huge two-component IMMs in the world. This machine combines two platen, two-component, horizontal rotary table and servo power-saving system; it basically fits the blank market of huge two component IMM.

The conventional two component IMM are generally used for the product and mold under 1500 clamping tonnage. However, it requires higher clamping force when the size and structure of product becomes bigger and more complex. By using HB-1900R, it avoids the influence of gravity and inertia resulting from vertical rotary table. Thus, this model is especially suitable for TV frame, automotive interior trim, sunroof, quarter window and lamps cover. 

Because this machine adopts the two platen clamping structure, two horizontal injection units and overlapped mold technology. If this machine is used or single component product, it doubles the capacity and increase the efficiency. Besides HB-1900R, FCS also develops HB-600R and HB-1200R to extend the product range. We conclude the advantage of HB-R as below:

‧Rotary table is horizontal type so that the mold is evenly placed on the two sides of central rotary table. Due to the horizontal rotation, there are no obvious gravity problem and mechanical limit. This eliminates the abrasion caused by the mass of vertical rotary table and unsmooth rotation, it allows the mass production of huge 2 components product.
‧Injection unit is horizontal type, equipping with horizontal rotary table. Comparing to the vertical one, the mold could be larger and designed for longer slide on the condition of the same tie bar distance. 
‧Clamping unit with two platens, it not only saves space, but also satisfies the production demand of huge two components mold. 
‧Equip with Germany servo system to reach higher energy efficiency.
‧Suitable for the two component product, such as the cover of huge home appliance, sunroof and car lamps.
‧This model is for single and double component to increase the efficiency.

Followed by the development of plastic product, consumers have higher expectation on the product appearance, there are more and more products adopting multi-component technology. Being the leading company in multi-component injection technology, FCS continues to release the better product. Besides the “HB-R” series, 2 components IMM with horizontal rotary IMM, FCS also released new generation FB-280R with servo rotary table and huge 2 components IMM with servo rotary table. With these new generations of machine, it not only meets the customer’s demand but also reinforce the competiveness of multi-color IMM. FCS continues to innovate and assist our customer to have leading position in competitive market.

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