FCS pursues the target of carbon neutrality in the injection molding machine market

The invention and use of plastic have brought great convenience to people's daily life. In comparison with metal, stone, and wood, plastic products feature low cost and high plasticity, and are widely used in the national economy.

But have you noticed that under the policy of plastic restriction and plastic ban, plastic has undergone great changes, including biodegradable plastic straws for bubble tea stores, and biodegradable lunch boxes for takeouts? 

This phenomenon is due to the increasingly alarming problem of plastic pollution in the environment. Non-biodegradable plastic waste poses a huge environmental safety hazard. As China’s environmental policies become stricter, plastic pollution prevention and treatment are expected to be strengthened and Taiwan's plastic product demand is gradually shifting to biodegradable materials which are more eco-friendly.

In recent years, the dynamic demand for plastic products and the development of new biodegradable materials have propelled the technology of the injection molding machine industry towards high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, environmental safety, and intelligence.

Downstream industries stimulate new demand to promote the steady development of injection molding machine industry

Injection molding machine is an important general manufacturing equipment in the industrial field. In the downstream of the injection molding machine industry, the prevalence of 5G products; 3C home appliances with precision and lightweight; and automobile weight reduction towards lightweight are the overall trend of each industry, which will greatly spur the demand for plastic. 
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On the one hand, the growth of the industrial output value of plastic products directly drives the demand for injection molding machines; on the other hand, the changing demand for plastic products and the R&D of plastic materials prompt the technology of injection molding machine manufacturers to innovate and develop, leading to new demand growth points, thus promoting the development of injection molding machine manufacturing industry. 

Figure / The proportion of downstream applications of China's injection machines. Source from internet

Domestic substitution process speeds up, dual cycle promotes the upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry
Along with the decline of the demographic dividend, the trend of machine substitution in has picked up speed, triggering the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and ushering in dividends in the general machinery industry.

Internal circulation drives consumption and industrial upgrading. China’s demand for high-end machinery and equipment has been growing. Coupled with policy support and financial security, the vast space of China’s high-end market is expected to boost the upgrade of domestic general machinery, and give rise to a number of industry leaders.

The external circulation leads to the creation of global industry giants. The efficiency and price advantages of Chinese manufacturers are fully demonstrated during the pandemic, which may attract global capital and accelerate the upgrading of the industry.

At present, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers mainly occupy the middle and low-end market, but in the high-end market, the leading companies are gradually narrowing the gap with foreign high-end companies. Against the background of the reduced revenue of downstream companies due to COVID-19, domestic injection molding machines with good quality and low cost are gaining more popularity among customers. 

This is attributed to the fact that compared to imported injection molding machines, domestic injection molding machines have been improving in terms of technology and quality while maintaining their price advantage, which is certainly inseparable from the upgrading and optimization of hardware. At the 75th United Nations General Assembly in 2021, China solemnly announced its commitments to attain carbon emission peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

This marks, as the important domain of the manufacturing industry, the plastic machinery sector will undergo a bigger reform. Together with the "plastic restriction", higher requirements will be put forward for upgrading the equipment of manufacturing enterprises!

According to incomplete statistics, the market share of energy-efficient equipment in China is only around 3%, and the overall operating efficiency of energy-efficient products and systems is about 20% lower than that of developed countries. This indicates that China has a huge potential to enhance the energy efficiency of servo energy-saving equipment.

At the recent PLASTEC WEST, the largest annual plastics exhibition in North America, FCS showcased the "Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA Series) ", which was based on the theme of food packaging containers and modular specification selection, flexible to meet the industrial needs of food packaging and thin-walled containers. 

This exhibition not only matched the demand of the China market but also was well received by the global market in the context of COVID-19!
FCS_新一代高效節能射出機 (FA系列)

Photo/ Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA Series)

The FA machine can be equipped with FCS' proprietary iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory, which is also compatible with other injection molding machine brands, enabling production managers to keep track of production status. Currently, 30% of FCS customers in Taiwan have incorporated iMF4.0 into their production management, allowing them to reduce uncontrollable factors in the production process.


The FA-100 with a clamping force of 100 tons was presented at the exhibition, producing 2-cavity mold of 14g cutlery with an average cycle time of 25 seconds. FA series is highly efficient, stable, and energy-saving, which is suitable for household, stationery, automotive, 3C, home appliance industries, computers, and other peripheral parts.


Photo/ Multi-Utensil produced by FA-100

Green and low-carbon sustainable development path has become an inevitable choice for enterprises, which accentuates the importance of energy-saving and high-efficiency injection molding machines for manufacturing enterprises. As a manufacturer of injection molding machines, FCS is actively promoting carbon neutrality in the injection molding machine market by improving its servo energy-saving injection molding machines, of which, this goal is both a comprehensive challenge and a manifestation of the social responsibility of FCS.

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