Two standards of "Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine" drafted by FCS are officially announced!

From July 8th to July 25th, 2020, the organized experts of Standards Working Committee of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association has reviewed the standard of "Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine" drafted by FCS (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (The standard number is T/CPMIA 0102-2020). And the 7 review experts all agreed to the standard result.

The release of this standard is the first group criterion registered in China injection molding machine industry. It is a milestone and also establish the leading position in the field of "Multi-component" for FCS.

This can be seen in the following approval letter :

FCS_"Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine"

The notified document has been publicized without dispute by China Plastics Machinery Industry Association. The program meets the requirement of "China Plastics Machinery Industry Association Group Standard Management Measures". The standard has been approved as a group criterion of China Plastics Machinery Association for official release. The standard number is T / CPMIA 0102-2020, and the release time is on August 20, 2020, and the implement time is from the day of November 20, 2020.

FCS_"Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine"

FCS_"Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine"

On August 20, 2020, "Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine" which is organized by Zhejiang Institute of Standardization, mainly drafted by FCS (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the following enterprises are also on the list of jointly-drafting: National Plastics Machinery Product Quality Supervision and Experiment Center, Ningbo Haixiong Machinery Co., Ltd. The “ZHEJIANG MADE” group standard (standard number T/ZZB 1650-2020) was officially approved and issued by Zhejiang Brand Building Federation. The implement time will be on November 20, 2020.

FCS_"Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine"

Both standards have passed a large amount of data comparative analysis on technical terms and definitions, including models and basic parameters, basic requirements, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation and storage, and quality commitments of multi-component plastic injection molding machines. Its main technical indicator has reached the level of "domestic first-class, international advanced", which could contribute to further improvement on product’s quality, and advance the industrial progress.

The “ZHEJIANG MADE” is positioned at a form of high-quality and high-end, and devoted to shaping brand images of high-quality and favorable price in Zhejiang. As a well-known brand in the field of multi-component injection molding machines, FCS has won top 15 comprehensive strength of Chinese injection molding machines for many years. With the support of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, it is a great honor to collaborate with enterprises and experts in the industry to draft the industry group standard for "Multi-component Plastics Injection Molding Machine"! In the future, FCS will cooperate with partners in the industry, then continue to work hard on standard innovation, and let Zhejiang manufacturing group standards shine out with great brilliancy!