An Overall Solution of FCS Packaging Plastic Injection Molding Process

Injection molding packaging containers are mainly used to store various liquid products. Packaging buckets are primarily divided into the following categories, iron printing can packaging buckets, latex coating packaging buckets, paint packaging buckets, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging buckets, and plastic packaging buckets.

Packaging buckets are divided into plastic packaging buckets, yellow phosphorus packaging buckets, metal packaging buckets, iron packaging buckets, paper packaging buckets, and composite packaging buckets

They are functionally divided into dye packaging buckets, sealed packaging buckets, color printing packaging buckets, peroxyacid hydrogen peroxide packaging buckets, lubricating oil packaging buckets, ton packaging buckets, and food packaging buckets.

In today's discussion, our focus will primarily be on the plastic packaging bucket injection molding process. Injection molding, in essence, involves the transformation of high-pressure polyethylene through a sequence of steps that include injection, extrusion, pressure holding, and molding at elevated temperatures. This particular method is known for its simplicity, ease of operation, and the production of visually appealing products characterized by their glossy finish.

Advantages of injection molding
  • The production speed is fast with high efficiency.
  • The operation can be automated.
  • There are many kinds of colors, the shape can be from simple to complex, and the size can range from large to small.
  • The product size is accurate, which is easy to be updated, and various complex workpieces can be formed.
Injection molding applies to mass production and complex shape products, and other molding processing fields.
The integrated solution of FCS all-electric injection molding machine can help food packaging enterprises to solve the one-stop service of food packaging in mold labeling, with a maximum of 5 seconds a mold.
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Product characteristics
  • Europe's top servo drive system and controller, with the injection control accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  • Imported high-precision dynamic sensor (LoadCell) and advanced injection unit, with superior pressure closed-loop computing control.
  • Linear slide rail designed without holding large column, with low wear and low energy consumption.
  • Electric mold adjustment and closed-loop control, having more accurate bulk molding force control.