FCS all-electric injection molding machines attracted RMB millions of orders at DMP show

FCS has participated in the DMP exhibition in 2019, and here we are again!
On November 24-27th, 2020, the 4-day DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo was held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. FCS showed all-electric injection molding machines focusing on the performance of "high injection speed, high precision, and multi-color". Therefore, it attracted thousands of visitor to FCS booth, and also received an on-site order of RMB 3.46 million (approximately USD 520 thousand).  

FCS participates in 2020 DMP exhibition  FCS_All-electric injection molding machine attracted lots of visitors 
In 2020, although the sales activities in China is affected by the pandemic in first half of the year, but orders in the second half of the year increased significantly. In November, FCS Dongguan achieved the highest monthly sales turnover which is RMB 39.18 million (about USD 5.87 million)! The orders of FCS Dongguan and Ningbo have been fully scheduled till next March, please don’t hesitate to drop your order now!

2020 DMP in addition to giving an opportunity to demonstrate brand-new product and technology, it also brought 300 potential buyers to FCS, and nearly RMB 10 million of potential orders. Let’s have a look the two magic all-electric injection molding machines CT-R and CT-e series!

All-Electric Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (CT-R series)

FCS All-electric two-component injection molding machine (IMM) CT-R series first launched in DMP. Except the features of CT-e, the All-electric IMM such as “high precision, high injection speed, low pollution”, CT-R also improves 30%-50% of the rate of servo rotary table, and adopting servo motor and multiple independent barrels for injection, which shortens the cycle time and upgrades productivity.

During DMP exhibition, CT-280R with clamping force of 280 tons was producing the 6-cavity duo-color shampoo caps. The general molding cycle time is 15 seconds, but CT-280R reached the fastest record within 10 seconds, which amazed the visitors extremely. The positioning precision up to 0.005° which let injection molding products more precise and stable. 

FCS_CT-280R focuses on the performance of "high injection speed, high precision, and multi-color"   FCS_Duo-color shampoo caps produced by CT-280R

Photo: Duo-color shampoo caps produced by CT-280R.

CT-280R is especially suitable for the application of double-color or multi-color products in the following industries:

1. Non-pollution medical products urgently needed for anti-pandemic health care.

2. The cosmetics market which creates constant business opportunities.

3. Precision and stability, suitable for electronic parts and precision optics.

4. Widely applicable for various kinds of daily houseware production.

All-Electric Injection Molding Machine (CT-e Series)

All-electric injection molding machine (CT-e series) newly optimized and showed in this DMP, producing 4-cavity medical test tubes with the clamping force of 120 tons. CT-e series adopts the extreme motion control technology and European servo system, make injection accuracy up to 0.01mm; using electric mold adjusting and closed-loop servo valve for faster and precise operation; carriage is supported by linear guide to ensure precise and stable injection. 

The above characteristics fully demonstrate CT-120e's advantages of precision, stability, power saving and environmental protection. It is suitable for food packaging, optical elements, electronic products, and medical appliances.

FCS_Buyers listened to the introduction of FCS CT-e all-electric IMM   FCS_Medical test tubes produced by CT-120e

Photo: Medical test tubes produced by CT-120e. 

The all-electric series will become be a strong support to the medical industry in the post-pandemic era. FCS expects a better sales prospect in coming 2021. 

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In response to the trend of Industry 4.0, FCS also successfully launched iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory system dedicated to the plastics industry, providing professional services for various industries, and customized the best injection molding solution for you!

FCS_All-electric injection molding machines attracted RMB millions of orders at DMP show