FCS Customized Injection Molding Machine Attracts European Auto-Part Suppliers

The rising oil price and higher demand for "smaller & lightweight" cars have brought more business opportunities for auto-part plastics and two-platen injection molding machines (IMM). FCS Two-Platen IMM is taking less space and capable for larger or deep products, could also reducing power consumption by 50%-70%.

FCS_LM-900_Tie-bar puller

In addition to the stable and high-quality machines, the more important added value that FCS provides is “customization”.

One of FCS customers in Germany who is a hidden champion in automotive industry for more than 70 years, mainly offering bumper accessories for high-end vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen. It ordered FCS two-platen machine (LM-900) in 2019 for producing car mats. Due to the height limit of the plant, it couldn’t install its mold vertically from the top of the IMM as normal process. Hence it ordered a special option of “Tie-bar puller” so that one of the tie bars can be removed automatically for the mold to be installed horizontally from the side of the IMM. FCS has successfully developed that design and the customer are having 3 sets of FCS machine in its plant. Getting a positive feedback from German users is a great achievement for FCS who has been promoting “Taiwan” for more than 45 years. 


 FCS_Customization_Tie-bar puller(Before)   FCS_Customization_Tie-bar puller(After)


FCS Two-platen IMM has clamping force range from 500 to 4,000 tonf, which could be applied for vehicles, 3C, and household product industries, and with a global demand for over 100 sets annually. It can also adopt FCS iMF4.0 intelligent ManuFactory system to realize the concept of smart manufacturing and unmanned factory.