Fu Chun Shin (FCS): the father of a doctor's degree and his sons of a master's degree build "Taiwan No.1" plastic injection molding machine factory

Traditional industries can also nurture the flower of life. FCS, a 45-year-old company, uses the Internet of Things and AI big data to make it easy for a factory manager to manage dozens of machines around the world, saving manpower and increasing yield. Under the leadership of Po Hsun Wang (founder), Jerry Wang and Alan Wang (successors), FCS has made Tainan's plastic injection molding machine industry emit "the light of Taiwan". 

FCS builds "Taiwan No.1" plastic injection molding machine factory.

Photo/ Po Hsun Wang (right), chairman of FCS, and Alan Wang (left), CEO of FCS. 

In November, many companies in Taiwan have been lax in epidemic prevention, but guards at FCS of Tainan Guanmiao still ask visitors to wear masks, take their temperature and help them to put on identification stickers. Rigorous epidemic prevention measures and the large modern plant (more than 60,000 square meters) reveal that FCS is an international enterprise.

After traversing the plant and stepping up to the headquarters building, you will feel like returning to Taiwan in the 1980s. Polished wooden carved marble seats are placed in the visitor area on the first floor. On the wall is the large-scale poster of the "company song of FCS" composed by Ruey-Ho Kao in 1986: the brilliant minds of the FCS are diligent in work; everyone works hard to start a business. Talented people come here from all over Taiwan; let's stride to the target.

The lyrics tell the story of FCS's founding. In 1974, Po Hsun Wang and his brothers, from a poor family set up a lathe factory on " Fu Chun" Road in Tainan City. As can be seen from the lyrics, they expect all employees to work together to achieve a win-win situation.

Strict management and modern factory are in contrast with 50-year-old marble seats and the yellowed and damaged song sheet. When chairman Po Hsun Wang handed over his business card, we can finally understand why this old company has a "young and innovative" soul.

At the bottom right of his name is printed "Doctor of Engineering"

Po Hsun Wang is diligent in his studies and got his Ph.D. at the age of 75
Po Hsun Wang, 75, was born into a well-off family, but her family fell on hard times just before he graduated from junior high school. As the eldest son, he had to support the family, so he worked and took care of his two younger brothers while studying. Encouraged by his teacher, he was admitted to Tainan High School. After graduation, he worked during the day and took care of his family after work. 

After he and his two younger brothers started their business, he pushed himself to keep pace with the times. At the age of 35, he was admitted to Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (formerly known as Southern Taiwan Technical College), and then went to the University of Notre Dame in Detroit to study for a master's degree in business administration. In 2014, at the age of 70, he was admitted to the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, where he spent five and a half years to obtain his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management.

He grasped the pulse of the times through learning. Four years after his start-up, he transformed the lathe factory into a plastic injection molding machine manufacturing factory, and transformed the traditional industry into the high-tech and medical industry. FCS is now the No.1 plastic injection molding machine factory in Taiwan.

Although Po Hsun Wang is in an industry where products are widely used and in high demand (plastic products for food, clothing, housing and transportation are all produced by injection molding machines), it has few barriers to starting a business in this industry. "We have to innovate to get ahead of our peers," said Po Hsun Wang. " He continued to make FCS more competitive, keeping FCS's revenue (about USD3.4 billion) at 2.5 times that of the No. 2 enterprise in the industry.

Whenever customers have new demands, it is the time for FCS to show its ability. In 1984, when Colgate wanted to make the two-color toothbrush handle, the team of FCS immediately developed the two-component injection molding machine, and took the lead in launching the multi-component injection molding machine with the heaviest tonnage in the world. In 2009, to meet the demand of Eagle Eyes, the leader of modified car lights in Taiwan, FCS injected molded red, yellow and white rear lamps.

The innovative status of the FCS injection molding machine has been seen by the world, and even mainland China invited FCS to help formulate the specification of the multi-component injection molding machine in greater China. "With the completion of equipment specifications in mainland China in 2017, more business opportunities have been created," said Alan Wang, CEO of FCS.

Over the past few years, FCS products in the mainland China market has been growing under the efforts of Po Hsun Wang's eldest son Jerry Wang, vice chairman of the group and chairman of China FCS Headquarters. The new plant in New District of Hangzhou Bay is expected to triple in size after mass production in 2023, when the share of revenue of FCS in mainland China will exceed 50 %.

A few years ago, FCS set up a factory in India, which has a population about the same as China's and uses nine times more plastic than mainland China. China and India are regarded as the twin engines of FCS' future growth.

FCS' plant in Tainan Guanmiao.

Photo/ FCS' plant in Tainan Guanmiao. 

FCS has won numerous awards, including nine Taiwan Excellence Awards

From mass production to customization, FCS has not only grabbed the auto parts market share, but also extended tentacles into intelligent manufacturing. In 2010, FCS was upgraded to a provider of the injection molding machine solution. Alan Wang talked about the new opportunity. Combined with the Internet of Things and AI's comprehensive solution, the machine can automatically detect and adjust the abnormal manufacturing process. A factory director can manage the global production line through a monitor. 

Many years ago, FCS got on the train of "circular economy", seized the trend towards lightweight electric vehicles and developed the horizontal multi-component injection molding machine technology, currently owned by only three companies in the world.

The lighter the electric car, the better. PC Glazing windows made by FCS horizontal multi-component injection molding machine are scratch-resistant, bump-resistant, and sun proof. Consumers can choose the window color and brightness, instead of sticking film on the window. "This PC Glazing window weighs only half as much as a traditional window, and the same technology have been used in BMW I3," said Alan Wang, who is optimistic about the potential for its future applications.

FCS sells its products in 95 countries and employs 831 people at four locations in Taiwan, Dongguan and Ningbo in mainland China, and India. All the well-known brands involved in 3C, auto parts and people's livelihood are its customers, such as TOYOTA, HONDA, Great Wall, Tata Motors, Minth Group. A total of 43,000 machines were sold. For example, each injection molding machine must have four tie bars, the length of the tie bars used has reached the height of 1,377 "Taipei 101 Buildings".

Over the past 20 years, FCS has won numerous awards, including 9 Taiwan Excellence Awards and 14 "R&D Innovation Competition Awards". In addition, according to a survey by VOGEL of Germany, FCS is ranked among the top five most popular plastic injection molding machine brands in China.

Po Hsun Wang looked at the trophies with joy, but reminded Alan Wang, "R&D cost a lot of money." However, it is well worth the money. The father of a doctor's degree and his sons of a master's degree are leading FCS into the "world's top 10".

【FCS Group】
▌Chairman: Po Hsun Wang
▌Total group revenue (estimated by legal person) in 2020: NTD 3.06 billion
▌Total number of employees in 2020: 880

Invisible champion story: 
1. The largest plastic injection molding equipment manufacturer in Taiwan
2. The only listed company of plastics injection molding industry in Taiwan
3. Top 7 in the plastic machine Industry in mainland China (2019 Survey)

Source: Global Views Monthly