FCS ​TAIPEIPLAS 2018 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at TAIPEIPLAS 2018.

Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

At the TAIPEIPLAS 2018, from Aug. 15th to 19th, FCS is going to focus on energy-saving innovation, launching new models and a new design of injection molding machine. All these models include highly technical and innovative concepts, but also follow the developing trend of Industry 4.0, with energy-saving market demands, showing FCS’s high capacity in system integration and innovative development.

For this exhibition and for the first time, FCS announces the iMF 4.0 (intelligent ManuFactory), which is a smart production management system that will be linked to FCS's newly released Standard Toggle Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine(FA-160 & FA-300) and All Electric Injection Molding MAchine(CT-300) in order to extract data and values about the molding parameters, quality control, auxiliary equipment and reuse them afterwards.

The iMF 4.0 system is based on the cycle time management and introduces the concept of mold management, machine management and material management, and OPC international communication protocol to achieve instant display of overall equipment efficiency information and abnormal message statistics. It can be used regardless of the brand of the injection machine, so that the production manager can promptly grasp the production status and rapidly achieve the purpose of abnormal production countermeasures. During TAIPEIPLAS, FCS will show not only at the exhibition venue, but also go through the iMF 4.0 system to monitor the Duo Opposite Injection Molding Machines displaying in FCS Tainan Factory at the same time, showing the concept of off-site production management.

1. New generation Molding System:FA-160

The FA series is a new generation standard servo energy-saving hydraulic injection machine newly released by FCS. Not only the specifications are upgraded, but its design is also optimized. The machine will come with the electronic control system KEBA for an enhanced integration, combined with our IMF 4.0 solution to develop intelligent injection molding machines and satisfy the needs of high-end customers. In addition, the appearance of this model’s shielding design combines both aesthetics and human ergonomics concept to create head-line news again.

*Product specifications upgrade: including increases in tie-bars distance, injection velocity, higher system pressure to match high injection volume requirements, high injection pressure for higher- pressure requirement products, like household products.
*New generation of mold clamping unit: strength of the platen design reinforced by 30%, more uniform clamping force distribution, lower machine platen deformation, smoother mold closing-opening operation control, reducing machine vibration, more stable operation and extended machine lifetime.
*New generation of injection unit improvements: machine operates accurately with injection close-loop operation control without installing additionally sensors and equipment, machine operation stability optimized.

2. In Mold Labeling Molding System:CT-300

FCS has successfully developed the all electric injection molding machine ten years ago, and won the Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Taipei PLAS), "Excellent Award" and "Ringier Technology Innovation Award". Today, FCS introduces advanced All-Electric injection molding machine with a 300-ton clamping force. In combination with an in-mold quality signal monitoring system, it can quickly and easily produce 100 ml ice cream boxes with 4+4 cavities. It not only doubles production output through the stack mold technology, but also uses mold cavity flow balance module for monitoring and automatic compensation and screening of defective products to achieve unmanned production monitoring. It demonstrates the concept of a smart factory.

*Combination of Austria’s controller and Italy’s servo motor (PHASE) increases the injection velocity, holding time and shot volume accuracy. The mold opening, ejecting, and plasticizing processes can operate simultaneously, reducing the machine cycle time. It is suitable for some product requirements such as 3C products or optical products.

*Combination of Japan’s injection screw (NSK) and linear ball slider in injection base moving unit enhance smooth operation and energy saving.

3. MuCell Molding System:FA-300

Under the drive of lightweight and environmental awareness, using new technologies to reduce the product weight and the impact on environment has received increasing attention. Foaming injection molding application is one of the important developments. The technology of physical foaming is becoming mature enough to replace chemical foaming, which can achieve the ideal results by adjusting the process parameters, and at the same time, it can also solve the problem of sink mark caused by uneven foam cell size. FCS has mastered this application trend and key process technology for customers in advance. We take the new generation IMM FA-300 equipped with MuCell screw and gas injector to molding the shoe stretchers that are free from secondary processing and surface coating. The system process and advantages include:

*Reducing injected pressure and clamping force: because the plastic melt flowing is improved.
*Reducing product weight: since the products are molding mixed with fizzy particles.
*Saving energy: lower injecting pressure and mold clamping force decreases the load of driver units, and lower plastic material use saves the energy consumption of drying and heating. 
*Reducing cycle time: with MuCell molding, the holding process is not necessary, in addition, the heating energy, cooling time and amount of the material used are also decreased.

With Over 40 years of technological developments and innovations, the overall performance of FCS machine has reached high levels of stability and reliability. Meanwhile, FCS offers optimized design with differentiated features for the product characteristics of each specific industry. FCS models exhibited on this occasion were not only embodied with high technical elements and innovative ideas, but also adapted to market requirements in Industry 4.0 development trends, fully showing its expertise in system integration and innovative R & D capability. The above new released models meet customers’ demands, reinforcing the competitiveness of FCS IMM. FCS always continues to innovate and assist customers in order to strengthen its leading position in global competitive markets.

Welcome to visit our booth at TAIPEIPLAS 2018!!

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