FCS: Smart technology starts your opportunities

The TAITRA today (Nov. 22) led the media group contains of eight European and North American industrial journalists from Germany, Italy, Spain, and Canada to visit FCS, to discuss how Taiwan's leading IMM manufacturers can create smart molding solutions for their customers.


These media reporters are professional and familiar with the development of automation and CNC machines in Industry 4.0 trend, now they are curious about the smart application of injection molding machine industry. Through the FCS wonderful presentation and the actual demonstration in the Intelligent ManuFactory, they have successfully outlined the smart manufacturing concept, and are also very impressed by the development blueprint and business performance of the iMF 4.0 system launched by FCS.


FCS Group first announced the iMF 4.0 (Intelligent ManuFactory) smart manufacturing system this year, and set up a demonstration factory in Tainan Headquarters to provide real-world solution for the industry 4.0 applications that are needed by injection molding industry customers. 
The traditional injection molding production management is based on handwritten record statistics, which is easy to derive many risks and cannot immediately respond to the problem, therefore the effect of production management improvement cannot be highlighted.

The iMF 4.0 system is based on the cycle time management and introduces the concept of mold management, machine management and material management, and OPC international communication protocol to achieve instant display of overall equipment efficiency (OEE) information and abnormal message statistics. The production manager can promptly grasp the production status and rapidly achieve the purpose of abnormal production countermeasures, and Industry 4.0 mobile computing, analysis and optimization, in order to improve efficiency and reduce waste, and achieve the management purpose of rapid production of abnormal measures. iMF4.0 can also be used to monitor the state of equipment in the global production line through synchronization, to achieve the concept of off-site production management .

Let FCS help you find out the way to approach smart manufacturing for your successful injection molding business!

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