FCS PLASCOM Taiwan 2017 Preview

FCS sincerely welcomes you to come and visit our booth at PLASCOM Taiwan 2017.

Location:Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

PLASCOM Taiwan, developed by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Plastics Industry Association, Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association and Taiwan Composites Association, will be held in Kaohsiung from September 13 to 16.

This exhibition, based on “High Value and Circular Economy”, not only shows low energy consumption, low pollution and high-value adding product of Taiwan’s plastic industry and key technologies, but also combine with the upper, middle and downstream products and machinery to display Taiwan plastic and rubber industry chain. This time, FCS will also attend in this exhibition to take on the strength of Taiwan plastic and rubber.

Nowadays, “Smart Manufacturing” is a hot topic, and global enterprises are mustering their efforts to cater to this trend. FCS Group (FCS) also aims at these issues to launch “Servo Power-Saving IMM” with 6-axis robot automatically producing the iPhone holder. They not only show the environmental protection and innovation theme of FCS, but also integrate smart manufacturing and highly customizable systems integration concept to offer customers the best solution.

HT-SV is the standard Servo Energy-Saving Machine for FCS, with “cavity pressure sensor” and “tie bar strain gauge sensor” function, which is combined with performance, efficiency and intelligence.
*By adopting KEBA controller and effective Delta servo power-saving system, the power saving effect achieves up 40% to 70%.
*In appearance, the design has considered not only aesthetic but also ergonomics and operation safety to improve its protective capabilities and ensure the operator’s safety. Furthermore, it is certified by European CE.
*It can be easily applied on numerous product areas such as housewares, electronic product casings, automotive parts, lens and frames. That is why HT-SV has always been a regular winner on FCS’ sales charts.
*With automatically searching the best clamping force parameter setting, failure diagnosis and auto-compensated system, the tie bar strain gauge sensor could increase the molding and machine life.
*Cavity pressure sensor could help detecting the cause of poor injection molding, optimizing the molding parameters and shortening the molding time to effectively reduce the cost of failure and human inspection.
*In collaboration with the Industry 4.0, FCS collocates the IMM and Intelligent Manufactory Platform to show the Industry4.0 intelligent factory concept like the automatically collection of production/quality information, the automatically detected classification of defective product, OEE overall equipment efficiency analysis and cloud production order management, etc.

You are sincerely welcome to visit our booth at PLASCOM Taiwan 2017!

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